The Fight

An interesting day indeed for those appearing in the Johannesburg Constitutional Court.

Representing the“green”team, Rastafarian lawyer Garreth Prince‚ Jeremy Acton of The Dagga Party , The Dagga couple, Jules Stobbs & Myrtle Clarke, and Tony Budden from Hemporium were present. Though the State attempted their usual misinformed assault on Cannabis use they were clearly knocked off balance when Rastafarian lawyer Garreth Prince argued that cannabis was banned because of health issues, yet other harmful substances like cigarettes and alcohol were approved and accepted.


Laughter was also the order of the day as Chief Justice Ray Zondo presented a legal question, enquiring if 20 milligrams would be deemed a reasonable amount of dagga for private use. Eish, South Africans have that math thing….


Jules Stobbs, the “pants” in The Dagga couple duo, spent this, his birthday, on an uncomfortable seat with a packed lunch. That’s dedication for you right there.

The Constitutional Court have reserved judgement at this time, and the outcome of this 5 year battle will be concluded in January next year when the #Trial of the Plant proceeds.

Game On at the Con-Court Johannesburg
A Winning smile from Garreth Prince
A Winning smile from Garreth Prince
A Traditional elder in court room
A Traditional elder in court room

Trial of the Plant makes it to Con Court, Dagga Couple reacts (SABC Digital News)

The March

While all the serious stuff played out within the confines of the court room, outside one could hear the beautiful harmonized voices of traditional healers singing merrily. Behind the court in the shadier paved block, bursts of laughter and excited banter could be heard amongst the peaceful protest activists gathering.

Congregated in such a way,  a passerby would believe it were a music festival , it was evident that these people had got something very right.

Complete unity.

Black, white, Indian & colored, the South African rainbow celebrated in true togetherness, passing around fruit and joints while a young gent played guitar and sung rasta songs .


The protesters had taken to the streets earlier in the day in a peaceful march from Joubert park through to the constitutional court in support of those who are currently appearing.

Their mission is not only to lift the unjust charges brought against them, but at the same time ,  free the cannabis plant for personal use.

The Western Cape High Court ruled in March of this year that the laws to ban the private use of dagga for personal use were unconstitutional and ordered parliament to revise the laws governing cultivation and private use within the period of two years.

Legends & Legals

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