Funny guy David of The Kiffness Chats about the new song “Pragtige Meisie”

“Pragtig Meisie” is a catchy pop song which explores the journey of an English guy declaring his love for an Afrikaans girl. We all know how bad some English people can be at Afrikaans (myself included), so I decided to write lyrics declaring my love to an Afrikaans girl with my very limited vocab & understanding of Afrikaans sentence structure – giving it a comedic, yet charming edge.

This song has quite an interesting story. I wrote this song in 2011 – I was single, and I was sitting by myself & thinking what my future wife would be like. The idea of marrying an Afrikaans girl seemed like quite an interesting idea, so the idea of writing the song in broken Afrikaans came to me and the lyrics followed pretty quickly. I didn’t spend too much time on the production, and released the song soon after writing it.

Fast forward a few years, and the song became like a self fulfilling prophecy because I actually ended up meeting an Afrikaans girl & I sang the song at our wedding. It got such a good response from the wedding guests that it made me think I should maybe put some more effort into the song’s production – so that’s what I did! You can even hear my wife singing back up vocals, which I think is pretty cool.


WARNING: What you are about to see may cause the observer to endure painful stitches due to hysterical laughter. Caution advised!

About the video:

The original idea was to get an iconic Afrikaans female singer’s face and stick it on a doll & cruise around Langebaan shooting ridiculous scenes. We were aware that using a sex doll as a prop could be perceived as quite risqué but we were super conscious to avoid any unnecessary sexual connotations i.e. make the video as PG as possible. After shooting and editing the video, we thought we should better get a hold of the singer whose face we used to make sure she’s cool with the video.

We got blue ticked on Whatsapp, but a few hours later got a message from her husband saying that we definitely don’t have their permission so we had to come up with a plan B. Re-shooting was going to be too expensive and time consuming, so after some umming & aahing our director Nic came up with the brilliant idea to super-imposing Steve Hofmeyr’s face onto the cut-out – it actually turned out way funnier and better than the original idea. We didn’t ask for Steve’s permission, because well… He’s Steve Hofmeyr. 

We assume he’s seen the video because a Steve Hofmey fan tweeted the video to him to which he replied: “Baie van die wannebees kan hul loopbane loods alleen as ek reageer” & later said “Wat so sy, Chester Missing, DieAntwoord en Jack Parow se repertoire wees sonder om my te beledig. Ek weer kom heel goed reg sonder hulle.”

I don’t think Steve realises that he was our Plan B to start with, but hey – I guess Steve will be Steve & we’ll let him believe that we owe all our success to him.


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