El’ kg and Craze Chaxlaz are the sizzling voices behind “Hata ntho eo”, a hit song of note for music lovers of Kwaito.  Known to their family as coffee and milk due to their complexions, the two close cousins believe this is their moment to shine and take the music scene to new heights.  The cosins hail from Bothaville in the Free State.

Listen to “Hata Nthoeo” HERE

El’ kg – real name Kagiso Mojanaga (33)  and Craze Chaxlaz – real name Sechaba Sekese (35), are from Kgotsong township near Bothaville in Free State.  Chaxlaz has been a passionate singer since high school days, while El’ kg who boasts a very muscular appearance as a result of weight lifting, got bitten by the music bug at a much later stage.

The duo  juggle music and work together with the challenge of living in different areas.   Chaxlaz works in Jo’burg as an Administrator, while El’ kg is a paramedic personnel at North West Emergency Services based in Potchefstroom.

The two started working together in August 2017 and  released their 1st single called “Hata ntho eo” in February 2018.  They have since performed at Kgotsong in the Free State, Khutsong(GP) Stadium, Stones(GP), Marula(NW), Kopano Club and other parts of Potchefstroom.  They have shared stage with the likes of Busiswa, Thebe, Ms Cosmo and Dj What What to name few. They have also done a few community radio interviews that are around North west and the Gauteng Province.

The duo proclaim that the single is all about being fearless, hyped and in control. Chaxlaz says: “It’s a fresh turn up temp groove that motivates everyone to be courageous”.

Other banging tracks include by the EL KG and Craze Claxlaz is Zimpipi, Zero, Ngubo ena mehlo and Gwara Gwara, which will be included in their twelve tracks album that will drop towards the end of 2018, the album will be titled “Late Comers” signifying the fact that they have arrived a bit late in the industry, much to the delight of many other ‘Late comers’ out there.  This is to motivate others and motivate them in the pursuits of their dreams no matter how old one can be.

Chaxlaz says he draws inspiration from many artist like the late Mandoza, Zola, M’du, Maphorisa & versatile rapper Cassper Nyovest just to name few.  He agrees that working with his close cousin makes it easy for them as they understand each other very well from childhood.

“Kwaito is not dead, all those who believe it is simply have not heard our music and single.  I believe kwaito artists are not given a chance to do their thing just like hip hop artist before; we need producers to open doors of possibilities and give us freedom to do what we love “KWAITO”, says Craze Chaxlaz.

The duo says their music is for both the young and old, with a touch of old school and fast pace for the young ones, songs like Gwara Gwara is a tune that gets dancers on the dance floor to sharpen dance skills.

Their plan is to work full twelve months on the album starting from the released date end of October 2018, laying their foundation and establishing themselves, this is because they believe the album has potential to win awards such as Metros and Samas, not only nominations.

Chaxlaz is full of life and says he would rather have it the hard way than not to have it at all, “Life is inspirational, young people are doing well and opportunities are there for those who are willing to risk it”.

The gents have worked with producer Lucky “Doc of mix” Xaba, who hails from Potchesftroom and is also featured on Zimpimpi (one of the bangerz). They also said they are considering working with everyone who’s open to new ideas.

In conclusion, the guys just want to inspire  young and old people to stomp their fears , follow their dreams and live life to the fullest with no regrets.  As the track title suggests “Re Hate Ntho eo” ~ Stomp on them!


Real Name: Kagiso Mojanaga                                                Real Name: Sechaba Sekese

Stage Name: El’ kg                                                      Stage Name: Craze Chaxlaz

Age: 33                                                                        Age: 35

Facebook: kagiso mjakes                                            Facebook: Chaxlaz Sechaba Edward

Twitter: @elkg11                                                         Twitter: @Sechaba_sekese

Instagram: moja_trend                                               Email:

Email:                                   Co Twitter: elkgcrazechaxlaz


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