Introducing AfriCanna Innovation (Africanna Inc) SA’s first Cannabis ‘Incubator’

On the 10th of August we attended the Africanna Inc ECOwar convention at Grayston Square Conference Venue Sandton – Allow me to get you excited SA Cannabists! Well versed speakers such as Gareth Prince, Dr. Thandeka Kunene, Uprise Africa Crowdfunding, and more put forward some interesting topics which left me feeling super hopeful for the industries future.

Here are some thoughts captured by Africanna Inc from members of the public on Cannabis use that was shared with us at the event.

The event covered key topics such as:

• Cannabis in South Africa – Research and Development Opportunities
• Cannabis is now legal, SO WHAT?
• Opportunities for Africa
• What Business Incubation can do for you?
• Funding opportunities and Incentives
• High THC – Medical Value chain
• Low THC – Medical Value Chain
• Downstream Beneficiation
• Stalk (Fibres, Hurds)
• Seeds and Oil (Food, Cosmetics)
• Training and Development (AgriSeta, MICTSeta, merSETA)
• Compliance (THC Licenses, CBD Permits)
• Technology and Services

So much incredibly valuable info was shared throughout the day and I certainly left well informed of the progress and opportunity open to all South Africans keen on entering the Cannabis industry. Be sure to attend the next conventions planned by following the AfriCanna Inc links provided below to keep up to “weed-speed”.

Who and what are AfriCanna inc all about?

AfriCanna Inc. are the very first cannabis incubator on the African continent. As pioneers of this exciting, newly legalised industry in South Africa, they are committed to empowering people to acquire skills that will enable them to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the cannabis value chain.

They do this by combining discipline, specific practical skills transfer (across multiple sectors in the cannabis value chain), with globally & locally accredited education & training providers and skilled practitioners, to deliver the highest quality, sustainable businesses to our markets.

Their implementing partners have over 50 years of combined experience & support the critical need for transformation through real capability, not patronage, and are committed to real, sustainable transformation, not token empowerment.


Cannabis Industry

The global cannabis industry is booming. The market for cannabis is estimated at approximately $700 billion globally with demand outstripping supply by far.

In 2018 South Africa legalised the industrial and medical use of cannabis. It is giving opportunities to local entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities in an industry that is estimated to be worth R27 billion.

AfriCanna Inc prides themselves in serving the community and environment concurrently. They aim to do this through the support of entrepreneurs interested in the cannabis industry. They do support the responsible use of Cannabis to deliver those in need with an alternative solution to prescription medications.

Their Services:

AfriCanna Inc leverages their experience and expertise in developing world-class strategies through the implementation of effective programmes in compliance with local policies and regulations. They make a meaningful contribution to the economy by growing entrepreneurs and businesses.

SAME Development & Mentorship

The development of cannabis entrepreneurs is one of the most effective ways of broadening participation and ensuring a substantial involvement of disenfranchised and vulnerable communities in the emerging global cannabis market.

AfriCanna Inc. recognises that growing SMME sector is vital for Stimulating economic growth, transformation and job creation in our communities and delivering on our country’s economic development objectives. AfriCanna Inc. supports SMME development in the following ways:

  • Seven-day Eco-war Bootcamp (where participants are exposed to existing economic opportunities in the cannabis industry)
  • Seven month Get WET (Work Entrepreneurship Training) Accelerator Programme where upcoming entrepreneurs are assisted in deciding whether they want to work, enterprise or further training.
  • Incubation Programme (24-37 months) which includes the development of a bankable business plan based on existing market opportunity and linkages to accredited mentors who provide guidance, education, and exposure to cannabis entrepreneurs.

AfriCanna Inc’s in-house consulting and advisory service, provides social responsibility, transformation, and economic empowerment solutions to corporate clients and multinationals along the cannabis value chain.

They engage, transform and inspire their clients to develop and communicate a strategic, value-based view of social and economic enfranchisement. Their focus is coupled with solutions that meet the challenges of carrying out successful corporate strategy, empowerment, transformation, and sustainability programs.

The newly legislated cannabis industry is poised to stimulate Local Economic Development (LED), which is an outcome, based on local municipal initiatives and driven by local stakeholders. It involves identifying and using local resources, ideas and skills to stimulate economic growth and development.

The aim of their cannabis LED initiative is to create employment opportunities for local residents, alleviate poverty and redistribute resources and opportunities to benefit all local residents.
AfriCanna Inc’s strategic investment is directed in the following areas of intervention namely:

  • Growth, turnaround strategies and product development
  • Economic development (ED)
  • Local economic development (LED) and sector stimulation
  • Enterprise and Supplier development, transformation & B-BBEE opportunities
  • Innovation Opportunities based on a thorough understanding of the industries in which we operate

By achieving the above, strategic intent is created that reflects the needs of the provinces/sectors in which they operate.

Training and Leadership Development

AfriCanna Inc is committed to growing both people and businesses. They recognize that skills development on all levels within an organisation is critical if any business is to achieve its goals. They take a comprehensive Skills Development approach for both external and internal implementation, ensuring that Skills Development forms part of the priority growth area of the organisation.

Their competitive edge is drawn from their dedication and approach in helping their customers build a more creative and productive workplace through innovative products and services in the areas of training & development, employee engagement, communication, and cultural change.

They convert and redesign traditional learning material into content that is engaging, trackable and which leads to improving employee performance and building unified organisational cultures.

Access to Funding

AfriCanna Inc. assists cannabis entrepreneurs to secure and gather the necessary resources to accelerate their cannabis businesses.There are various sources available for the funding and financing of SMME’s.

AfriCanna Inc has an intimate understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by SMMEs in respect to access to funding.  AfriCanna Inc has developed lasting relationships and partnerships with most finance service providers, development agencies and government institutions in South Africa.

They are also uniquely positioned to gain access to the myriad of funding resources available to their corporate clients in respect of joint funding initiatives, public/private sector partnerships, access to human capital, and the confluence of locally sponsored funding initiatives and sovereign wealth funds that are available.

To this end, AfriCanna Inc are able to compliment their clients’ pool of resources with other funding mechanisms to play a central role in the success and support of SMMEs with common purpose and mutual benefit.


If you want to find YOUR place in South Africa’s fast growing Cannabis Industry follow the AfriCanna Inc. social media links below to get in touch.

Reach out to AfriCanna Inc:




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