The Green Sesh Success : Now an official Monthly event!

What started out as a chilly morning for The Green Sesh market surprisingly turned into a beautiful day, enough for us to forget it was Winter at least, though I’m sure the delectable edibles & sweets offered for sale and pungent aroma wafting through the air may have helped the forgetting but the combination set the perfect mood.

Visitors to this first time Cannabis health market began coming through the gates slowly but surely, braving the still present morning chill to either satisfy their burning curiosity or to get a head start shopping for their favourite medibles, edibles, smoke accessories, grow products & pretty things!

Myrtle & Jules – The Dagga Couple

Being the first Market of it’s kind in Alberton their weren’t a huge amount of stores, though this in itself made for a pleasantly intimate gathering where happy banter and chit chat were the order of the day amongst friends and strangers alike, typical good vibes one can expect at any Cannabis related event. Even The Dagga Couple came out to show their support and mingle with the vendors and visitors. By the afternoon things had picked up nicely and groups of friends had gathered to enjoy drinks in the sun, roll joints and share a dab with their mates, topics of discussion ranging from strains, what they just found at a store, rig comparisons and funny stories every stoner has and loves to share. The Green Sesh is strictly no under 18’s as according to regulations.

The awesome Hosts, Vendors and Sponsors offering their wares or representing their business for the day were :

Dark Side Tattoo Collective

Darkside Tattoo Collective are a Tattoo and Piercing Studio situated in Alberton . This big happy family are more than just a Professional Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification studio. Their outgoing and warm way in which they receive their clients and friends is super impressive and we suggest you go hang out by their shop a bit on Thursday evenings.

Canna Traveller 

Canna Traveller is South Africa’s number #1 Cannabis destination guide enabling you to book a visit to local destinations which allow the recreational use of Cannabis. Didier Miguel (blue jacket) introduces Jesse Daniels of The Bobby Greenhash foundation JHB to the Alberton Record

African Voodoo

African Voodoo are a premium tattoo aftercare range. African Voodoo contain only 100% unrefined organic ingredients that will not only heal your skin in no time but also bring back your skins natural glow, keeping it soft and hydrated.100% Organic -100% Unrefined -100% Fair Trade -100% Locally Sourced – 100% Animal Cruelty Free

The Bobby Greenhash Foundation – Johannesburg

The Bobby Greenhash Foundation is dedicated to creating conversation and growing understanding of the holistic benefits, legalization and sustainable practices of cannabis and alternative natural healing; integrating this ancient miracle plant back into modern society. BGF are distributors of Alternative Natural Healing Products such as cannabis oils, natural supplements, edibles & Grow products.

We had to include this scenario that took place at the Bobby greenhash stand. Monkey spotted the free cannabis chocolates visitors were being offered to sample and it basically took Monkeys Mommy a good few minutes to explain to him he cannot have the chocolate! The scene this little guy threw was hysterical! See the face!

Fields of Green for ALL

Fields of Green for ALL have been established as a non-profit company, forerunner’s of dealing and assisting with all obstacles surrounding legalisation of the use of Cannabis in South Africa and fighting for the rights of cannabis users across South Africa.

Taste of Cannabis

Sweets for your sweet!

By Bronwyn

Beautiful handmade with love and care gemstone jewellery and more by Bronwyn

La CANNA Fusion Edibles

Makers of delicious cannabis infused treats!


PsychonauticsZA are a weekly updated youtube channel covering cannabis, plant medicine and festival culture in South Africa. They have just recently announced their teaming up with Hi420 to bring you more coverage and news on all things cannabis. They also sell some REALLY groovy loot you have to check out!

African Smoke Head Shop

African Smoke Head Shop offer a selection of smoking products to the discerning adult smoker. Including glassware like Bongs, Pipes, Rigs, Vaporizers, Rolling papers & more. 

Aaptwak Foundation , Canna Lady C, Together we heal & Puffdaddy Inc (Speed Rolling Competition)

These fab sponsors were the fun lot hosting the Speed rolling competition (see below)

The Green Easy

The Green Easy are a Private Members Club for safe, responsible consumption of cannabis offering services & products to functions, parties & events!


Canna heal are the sellers of some stunning CBD and essential oil blends to enhance benefits and bring relief to Mind, body & soul !


The yummiest edibles around!! Fudge, cupcakes, rice krispie treats, these ladies do it all – Goddess food indeed!


SKM hemp sell some amazing Hemp Hair growth oils and super funky rolling accessories. Check out her rolling trays with cute lids next time!

GRIM Clothing

Awesome rare find vintage coats & jackets from the Grim lads, just in time for Winter!

Grow Budz

Selling everything you need for a successful grow!

Green Smoke Room Seeds

For all your Bongs, Pipes, Grinders, Rolling Paper and accessories & African Genetics bred & developed in America.

420 Monkeys Sponsor

For all your raw cannabis, smoking accessories, vaping, medicinal & edible needs!

Hydro Herb Africa – Sponsor

Hydro Herb Africa are a dedicated team committed to supplying only the best products to their clients. Through their dedication they have built an unrivalled reputation as one of the leading suppliers of the best hydroponic systems on the market today.

RogueRosin Sponsor

Rogue Rosin strive to produce high quality and accurately engineered equipment built to last and boost productivity. Besides focusing on quality, their main drive is to create equipment to promote the benefits of solvent-less extraction to the local industry.

Part of the days festivities included a Speed Rolling Championship offering a phenomenal prize put together by a number of generous Sponsors from the Cannabis industry. From chatting to the contestants it’s just NOT as easy as it seems. When the pressure is on, even the most confidant rollers find shaky fingers a thing, which makes for hilarious entertainment. Throughout the day fast fingered finalists took to the rolling board to be entered into the ‘roll finale’ to be held later that afternoon.

The Main Prize

See how they roll….

Roll Results as follows:

1st place – Mornay Du Plessis

2nd place – Johan

3rd place – Dane Sven Topham

And then Munchies hits….

The ONLY down side of the entire event – FOOD! Sundowners (Alberton) kitchen never knew what hit them when hoards of munchie seeking monsters decided it was time to eat! I take my hat off to the kitchen staff who worked long and hard trying to keep up with demand. Sundowners have assured us that the next event will be prepared to the max for the munchie mayhem! You don’t want to miss their pizza though!

Beautiful People & A Monkey

Unfortunately we never got to watch the brilliant performances put on by the bands Satanic Dagga Orgy, Savage Lucy, Nathan, Zain2Faded, Brandon Everton, and Kali Freshman but we did run into two of the Gents from Satanic Dagga Orgy buying cannabis lolly’s at The Bobby Greenhash Foundation store so there’s that! 😁

Best plan is to commit yourself to spending your entire day and evening at the next Green Sesh!

A very special shoutout & thank you for the dedication and hard work from hosts Piet Van Heerden from African Voodoo, Didier Miguel from Canna Traveller and Spence & John Wayne (The King Of Fools) from Dark Side Tattoo Collective. Together they pulled off a breakthrough event that has been duly and deservedly approved by the Powers that be to become a Once a Month event for Alberton to look forward to. Next sesh : 28th July

Follow The Green Sesh to be sure you don’t miss a thing!


Next Event : 28th July

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  1. Thank you for this fantastic review! It was a great day! Sundowners can’t wait to have you all back and we’ll be a lot better prepared next time round.

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