30 Prominent people to be jailed – Fundraiser : Jailbreak at Golden Valley Casino

About 30 prominent people from Worcester and Breede River Valley will soon be arrested and held in custody. Bail is set at R3 000 per prisoner. But, it’s all in the name of fun and for a good cause – it’s the Association for the Sensory Disabled annual Jailbreak at Golden Valley. This will be the fifth time that Golden Valley, the Association for the Sensory Disabled (ASD) and Capital Security have staged the Jailbreak to raise funds for the Association.

Local companies have been asked to nominate prominent people in their organisation to donate one day of their time to charity and help raise funds [their bail] to support the ASD which cares for sensory disabled children in the community.

“We are in the process of identifying suspects and will submit their names to Capital Security to be arrested and jailed. They will spend a day in a holding cell until their bail is paid. But they will be well cared for,” says Nicolette Labuschagne, General Manager at the Association for the Sensory Disabled.

On 30 August 2019, security officers from Capital Security will ‘arrest’ the ‘suspects’ identified and take them to a holding cell at Golden Valley where they will stay, awaiting bail. The community is called to support the Jailbreak at Golden Valley on 30 August between 09h00 and 14h00.

“Anyone is welcome to participate, attend the event as a spectator and make pledges to this fundraising initiative. Let’s get the suspects jailed and get as much bail money in as we can to get them released,” says Golden Valley’s PR and Promotions Manager, Prudence Mini.

All proceeds raised through the collections of bail money will be used to fund the Association for the Sensory Disabled’s operations. The association is an independent, non-governmental organisation that commits to the care of children who are sensory multi-disabled, mostly from the impoverished rural communities of the Breede River Valley (Western Cape).

The Association runs two projects. The first is a Daycare Centre which offers a daily routine for sensory disabled children. They receive meals, education/schooling, physiotherapy and speech therapy at the centre. The centre’s facilitators receive guidance from the Stellenbosch University. The other project is the Sean Kelly Group Home, a registered child and youth care centre that offers 24-hour care to 14 children with severe to profound intellectual and physical disabilities. The children have been placed in the care of the home by court order.

For more information on nominating a ‘suspect’ or making a pledge towards bail money, please contact Nicolette Labuschagne on 023-342-7939 or e-mail:  asd@mweb.co.za

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