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African Fashion Spaces Unveils New Era

African Fashion Spaces Continues to Redefine the Fashion Experience with their Unique Fashion Offering

African Fashion Spaces Unveils New Era

Recently, African Fashion Spaces Cape Town unveiled a fusion of Hi-Fashion and Culture. Paired with stunning scenery, nothing short of a top class international production. Ushering in collaborative brands, Sinchui and Fuata Moyo who showcased their stunning collection.

‘The 16th September was an exciting prelude to what’s yet to come. We will rollout the exhibition collaborations with some of the most exciting designers, brands and platforms,’ said Jay Kayembe. Jay is the Creative Director/co-founder of  African Fashion Spaces (AFS).

It’s never been about following the status quo. This is not a regular fashion show. It’s like walking through an amazing art exhibition. One that shows off incredible creativity and talent in Africa. All through the many different lenses of culture.’

The day-night exhibition was something that felt like a New York Rooftop mixer. Cape Town with Table mountain in the horizon to set the mood under the starry sky. The fashion Exhibition was attended by fashion enthusiasts.

From designers, trendsetters, clients, partners as well as friends and family of two fashion collectives Sinchui & Fuata Moyo. It was like a big fashion party! Everyone was eagerly waiting to see two fantastic fashion shows. Shows that would redefine the presentation of the fashion scene as we know it.

Sinchui Showcase (Show 1): Mixing Street Style with Old-School Hip-Hop 

First up was Sinchui, a brand known for its bold street style, mixed with nostalgia from the 2000s hip-hop era. The runway became a canvas for cool urban outfits. Blending modern trends with the soul of street fashion. The models walked down the rooftop runway with a groove, bringing back the golden age of hip-hop. Like Pharrell did with his music into fashion. It was a surreal experience, and the music matched the collection perfectly.

The rooftop, mountain backdrop runway came alive with music, making the whole experience even more exciting. Each outfit seemed to explode with delight.

Fuata Moyo Showcase (Show 2): Celebrating Our Heritage and Dreams

Next up was Fuata Moyo, presented a collection called ‘ROOTS/ROUTES.’ It was like looking at a future that was rooted in the past. ‘ROOTS’ was all about family, home, and where we come from. Paying respect to our origins. ‘ROUTES’ was about moving forward and dreaming big.

The runway was like a storybook blend of Harry Potter magical scene in Wakanda, made it Cape Town. Telling tales of African culture and dreams. Each outfit was a brushstroke. Painting a vivid picture of the balance between our roots and our journey into the future. The collection showed pride of our past and excitement about what lies ahead.

The African Fashion Spaces (AFS) exhibition platform is powered by the tech brand DJI. They continue to trail blaze with this second launch of the platform following the early launch in April. It’s a platform where fashion creatives experiment and push the boundaries of fashion. Also offering other complimentary disciplines. The event was a perfect blend of creativity. The event music brought by Fort Noks, Fozz & Shai-A, and Finessa Williams.

As the day unfolded beyond the stunning skyline, AFS left its mark on the world of fashion. Giving us a glimpse into the evolving story of African fashion and culture.

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