Catch Crooner Clint Brink at Golden Valley

It is time to wave the winter goodbye with some warm, soulful sounds by crooner Clint Brink at Golden Valley on 30 August 2019. Hailing from Mitchells Plain where he was born and bred, this dynamic singer, who has been singing since the age of just 13, heads to Golden Valley’s Winners Sports Bar to serenade audiences with his velvety voice and impressive stage personality. Clint’s high pitched baritone sets him apart and has allowed him to tug at the heartstrings of audiences all over Cape Town.

This talented jazz rock singer is the son of Ibrahim Khalil Shihab (formerly Chris Schilder) who is a legendary Cape Town composer, jazz pianist and former member of the Cape Flats jazz rock band, Pacific Express.  When Clint is not making music, he’s polishing up on his pool skills and is a professional pool player.

Clint is inspired and influenced by the likes of Adele, Ray Charles and Eric Clapton. Toe-tap, sing and sway along to impressive renditions of songs by Clint’s favourite artists as well as some of his own music.

Tickets to this show are available for just R100 per person from the Golden Valley Cash Desk. No Under 18s allowed.

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