Janice Honeyman’s Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime has opened with standing ovation!

The Giant Pantomime Spectacular

Panto Season is upon us, and what better way to start it off than a night at Joburg Theatre with the hysterical rendition of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ , written and directed by Janice Honeyman!

Can we get an ‘Awe’!!

In all honesty I have not been to a theatre since childhood, with fond memories of Swan lake still captured in my memory like happy little ghosts in pirouette, I am delighted to report back that this experience was extraordinary.

To appreciate the work, effort and absolute skill it takes to perform a pantomime, one has to physically experience it. And that I did.

As the show burst into life I couldn’t help but let all worldly thoughts go and simply get lost in the magic of the production. This of course wasn’t your usual same old, same old ‘Jack in the beanstalk’ fairytale. The story is 100% South African tweaked and so fitting right after our phenomenal win with the world cup this weekend. The cast didn’t miss a beat, bringing our victory into their script and getting a passionate and excited response from the audience. A really moving experience to feel that unity under one roof.

The costumes and stage props were brilliant. With each scene change I was left in awe at the magnificence of what I was taking in and how other worldly my surroundings were with the breathtaking light effects. An absolute highlight being the beanstalk growing and that GIANT!

I don’t know how they do it, but just WOW!

Lelo Ramasimongs’ (The Good fairy – Gugu go go gal) beautiful gowns were simply captivating, bringing the fairytale factor to her character effortlessly.

In short, and without giving too much away, ‘Jack the joller’, played by newcomer to Joburg theatre, Zolani Shangase was sent on a quest by Mrs Skwashie (Neo Motaung) Mother of his mad crush, ‘Rasberry Rose’ , (Dezlenne Ulster-Weale) to save her from becoming the Giants dinner with the promise that Jack could win Rasberrys’ hand in marriage. Unfortunately Jack faces a few obstacles, in the form of evil Henchman working for the Giant, the wicked Hendrik Hideoso , superbly played by the hysterical Casper De Vries. Laughter is a given!

Have you ever tried to sing and dance for longer than a minute or two?

Watching these performers pulling it off with such ease (apparently it just looks that way promises Germandt Geldenhuys who plays ‘Mies Miemie Mosbolletjie Melba’) helps one appreciate the calibre of talent and mastery it requires to perform in a pantomime.

Hats off to Clive Gilson (Dik-Dom Dick), Germandt Geldenhuys (Mies Miemie Mosbolletjie – Melba) and Justin Swartz (Notkop Simon) for the ’12 days of christmas’ scene as they rally through a painstaking marathon of a song with the hysterical revamp of ‘the 12 Days of Christmas’ with a twist…..and bra. This was honestly one of the funniest sights to behold with lyrics & ‘props’ to add to the comical fervour!

Bravo to Executive Producer, Bernard Jay and writer/Director Janice Honeyman for enlisting a phenomenal cast and directing this talent to an outcome nothing short of SPECTACULAR!

We highly recommend the experience to kids age 5 -105.

‘Jack and the beanstalk’ will be running right up until the 22nd December 2019 so be sure to book your tickets before the holiday madness!

The kids will love you!

A standing ovation on opening night was no surprise. (See below)


Jack and the Beanstalk is presented by Joburg Theatre and Bernard Jay, in association with MNET, 94.2 Jacaranda FM and Your Family magazine.  It will be on The Mandela stage at Joburg Theatre from October 30th to December 22nd 2019.  Tickets are now on sale from R225, with fantastic group discounts available.  Call 0861 670 670 or visit www.joburgtheatre.com.

Join the adventure and follow #JackPantoSA




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