KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Announces New Repatriation Flights From Johannesburg And Cape Town

In cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in South Africa, KLM organizes several repatriations flights. These flights are aimed to enable Dutch nationals as well as residents of other European Union members and Schengen states to return home.

  • From Cape Town on 17 June, 20 June (KL598)
  • From Johannesburg on 21 June (KL592)

How to book a seat:

Website: You can book your ticket through the website www.klm.co.za  by searching for a one-way trip and specific date.

The calendar view will not display them. Please book only for the flights on these dates and flight numbers.

From To Economy

(taxes included)*

(taxes included)*
Cape Town & Johannesburg Amsterdam 971 Euro

(~19 350 ZAR)

2 326  Euro

(~46 450 ZAR)

Austria: Vienna

Belgium: Brussels

Czech Republic: Prague

Denmark:  Billund, Copenhagen

Finland:  Helsinki

France: Paris, Bordeaux (other cities via Paris)

Germany: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremburg, Stuttgart

Greece: Athens

Hungary: Budapest

Italy: Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice

Norway: Bergen, Oslo

Poland: Warsaw

Portugal: Lisbon

Spain: Barcelona, Madrid

Switzerland: Basel, Geneva, Zurich

Sweden: Goteborg, Stockholm

UK & Ireland: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburg, Glasgow, London, Manchester

~1 155 Euro

(~23 000 ZAR)

~2 470  Euro

(~50 100 ZAR)

Other destinations or Long Haul destinations Please contact our

Sales and Service Centre

Call centre: Our sales and Service Centre can be contacted to book a flight, via phone: +27 (0)10 205 0100 or +27(0)10 205 0101, daily between 09:00 – 16:00. Payment can only be made with credit card. If you have an existing booking with Air France or KLM you can use it to (partially) pay for this flight.

Additional Information: During the booking process a link will be given to fill in a web form. You need to fill in the form for each passenger in your reservation. It is mandatory to fill in this web form. In case you missed the link in your booking process, you can find it HERE 

/!\ Please be aware that it is mandatory to submit information required by the South African authorities.

Book before flight closes: Flights will be closed for bookings on 5 days prior to departure to submit all information to the South African Authorities.

What happens after you booked a ticket:

Once a ticket is received, request your Embassy, or the Embassy of your destination, to issue a ‘laissez-passer’ letter. This allows you to travel to the assembly point on the day of departure. From the assembly point all passengers will be transported to the airport by bus. Please take note that you are not allowed to travel directly to the airport.

After flight is closed for booking, all passengers who have bought a ticket will receive all information about the process on the day of departure, the assembly point, how to get there, the time schedule and other relevant info for your trip. This will be sent by KLM.

Who is allowed to travel:

  • Citizens of European Union*, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland
  • Holders of Residence permit for any of the European Union countries
  • Holders of Residence permit for the United Kingdom, Norway or Switzerland
  • Third country residents (outside European Union countries + United Kingdom + Switzerland + Norway) in transit in Amsterdam with a connecting flight to countries outside the EU Schengen area, with their luggage labelled through
  • Foreign citizens married to European Union citizens issued with the appropriate visa for their destination
  • Foreign citizens with Residence Permit for any of the European Union countries + United Kingdom + Switzerland + Norway
  • Foreign citizens holding MVV (D-visa) for any of the European Union countries + United Kingdom + Switzerland + Norway

/!\ In case of doubt whether you are eligible to travel, contact the embassy of your destination to verify

Sanitary and health measures:

KLM is taking a series of measures to keep you and our staff as safe as possible.

  • Wearing facial protection during boarding and flight is mandatory for KLM passengers. Cabin crew will of course also wear facial protection.
  • Our on board service is adapted to limit the contact between passengers and our cabin crew as much as possible.
  • All our aircrafts are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with approved disinfectants at least every 24 hours
  • During the flight, the air in our aircraft is continually renewed with fresh air drawn in from outside. Our aircraft are equipped with an air filtration system consisting of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which capture 99,99% of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses, filtering all air in the cabin every 180 seconds.

For more information contact KLM Royal Dutch Airlines HERE

Source: El Broide – The Platinum Club

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