Local Celebrities Celebrate Their Patriarchs This Father’s Day!

Carol Ofori, Daniel Baron, Locnville & more pay tribute to their Dads ahead of the big day!

The country is celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday (21 June 2020) and it’s a day that reminds us to love, appreciate and cherish the father figures in our lives.

Naturally, some of our local celebrities with be celebrating their fathers this Father’s Day and have shared some heart-warming messages paying tribute to their patriarchs ahead of the big day.

Carol Ofori

It’s been a busy few weeks for Carol Ofori. Not only has she landed the coveted 9am -12pm slot on Radio 2000, but she’s also filming a television series which is set to premiere on the small screen soon. So, with all the chaos, the star is looking forward to slowing down and celebrating her dad this Father’s Day.

“My father is such an incredible man. He is such a comforter,” Carol says. “Whenever I am feeling sad, or misunderstood – he seems to always have the words to calm me, soothe me and counsel him. I love his passion for life and his determination in life. I wish I could wake up every morning like him and run 5kms which he does this every morning. He also enjoys 10km walks and hikes. He is a very active man and his love for a healthy lifestyle is admirable. He is also the coolest grandad ever.”

Daniel Baron 

Local singing sensation Daniel Baron, who is climbing charts around the country with his latest single ‘All I See’, recently became a father himself and admits that his dad has helped him become the man that he is today. “My dad is truly a superman. He is and will always be my greatest role model.

His belief in me and all my siblings has enabled us to follow our dreams and he has instilled his values of humility, honesty, compassion, generosity, determination & faith in me,” Daniel shares. “He taught me that if you have a dream, then you must work hard and make it happen. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for showing me how to be the perfect dad to my son. Oh and thank you for teaching me about every single genre and era of music known to humankind.”

Kriya Gangiah

Presenter, businesswoman and media personality Kriya Gangiah has a strong relationship with her father who has taught her the values she needed to make a success of herself. “My dad was definitely a strict parent growing up, but I think without him,

I would not have my drive, discipline and thirst for life,” Kriya explains. “He has always been unbelievably supportive of everything that I do and walked every road with me. Including late night and early morning radio when I was too young to drive myself. 3am meant a hot chocolate pick up on the way home after the show.”

Thabiso Makhubela

He wakes us up every morning as part of the Expresso Morning Show and Thabiso Makhubela passion for life and his work ethic certainly stems from his father. “There’s a lot of things I love about my dad,” Thabiso says. “He teaches and leads by example.

Some of the most values and principles that I carry today I was taught purely by watching him. If he’s trying to show the importance of respect for others and for yourself, he shows it by living it. If it’s a lesson on love, he shows it by expressing love. His way of teaching has and continues to be a definite stand out for me.”

Palesa Tembe

As the host of Afternoon Express, Palesa has developed a key interest in getting to know the inner core of a human being. Attention to detail has been something her father has taught her through the years and he has inspired her determination and hunger to become successful in any avenue she explores.

“Happy Father’s Day to my first love (or as I like to call you ‘Daddyo’)” Palesa shares. “Dad, I’d like to thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for our family. Thank you for the countless conversations and words of encouragement when I’m down or doubting myself. You have raised all your children to be strong, independent people of faith and you’ve inspired us all to rise above our challenges and come back more determined than ever. I love you Daddyo!! Happy Father’s Day!”


Throughout their career, Andrew and Brian Chaplin, known to the country as the Locnville duo, have been inspired their father’s approach to life. He has helped guide them on the path to becoming international superstars and, with Brian becoming a first-time father a few weeks ago, this Father’s Day is going to be a special one.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there doing the most! Your hard doesn’t go unnoticed, thank you for being there,” Andrew says. Brian adds “I want to send a very happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there.

Being a father is a miracle and a big responsibility, so to those who cherish the opportunity of being a father, this day is for you. I recently just became a father as well so I’m going to spending the day with my dad and my son and I am looking forward to celebrating them both this year and every year here on out.”

El Broide, The Platinum Club

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