The Table Bay’s sensory journey with lifestyle fragrance, KAAP

A creative and experiential process to create an exclusive fragrance for The Table Bay has culminated with the launch of Kaap. Produced blending 100% botanicals from the Cape, Kaap captures the essence of The Table Bay in a unique, living fragrance that guests will forever associate with the extraordinary and serendipitous experience of staying there.

“Like a song or a place, a smell can evoke a memory of a person or a moment that we treasure. Kaap is the essence of The Table Bay, carefully curated to evoke the treasured memories that our guests will recall as one of a kind,” says Joanne Selby, the General Manager at The Table Bay.

Kaap was carefully crafted exclusively for The Table Bay by bespoke fragrance producer, Tammy Frazer who uses only raw natural fragrance ingredients. Frazer, the granddaughter of Graham Wulff, inventor of Oil of Olay, creates organic and natural perfume products. Each artisanal perfume is an artwork inspired by her intrepid journeys.


A reflection of The Table Bay’s promise, character and heritage, Kaap focuses on the Cederberg region of the Cape, a precious plateau where the altitude encourages an abundance of oil in the local flora. Top notes of fresh green sweet verbena, a herbaceous blue rosemary, and wild thyme continue throughout, while the heart of indigenous geranium anchors the fragrance and extends through the illuminating base of lavender. These same notes are planted in the southern hemisphere, the ‘Kaap’ which gives this fragrance range its name. The Kaap range comprises seven custom made products, all of which are expressed in all natural botanical ingredients sourced from the region.  The range includes linen spray, room spray, water softener, scented candles, fragrance tiles, hand blown glass reed diffusers and parfum solide, a subtle fragrance that sits close to the skin for infused Kaap luxury.


“To be presented with an opportunity to compose a fragrance for a multi-faceted medium execution is every perfumer’s dream. Crafting an evocative scent to fill the spaces of the hotel while curating the flora planted in the gardens to diffuse the subtle fragrance naturally and then going on to design a product line for guests to take home has given me immense scope for creativity. Introducing tactile elements with the invisible medium of scent, cues the guest to what they are experiencing on an emotional level and what they will take with them as a lasting memory,” says Frazer. 

 Sarah Prins, the PR Manager at The Table Bay says: “From the minute we met Tammy Frazer, we knew that she would be perfect for producing our signature fragrance. We were immediately captivated by her energy and ingenuity but most especially by her keenness to journey with us in creating the series of sensory dinner experiences which culminated with the development of our exclusive scent.


“Tammy also understood our special interest in harnessing the uniqueness of the Cape’s natural surrounds with notes of indigenous, naturally occurring plants, with links to seasonality. It has been an incredible journey and we know Kaap, truly reflective of The Table Bay, will be embraced and live long in the hearts and imaginations of our guests,” concludes Selby.


The Kaap range is available from The Table Bay hotel Spa.


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