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The Kraken is Alive Announcing Local Legends FUZIGISH Opening For ALESTORM At Pirate Fest 2019

Ahoy Oi Oi Oi ye cackle-fruit hempen halters!


The Sicario Effect’s flagship experience brand, ‘The Kraken is Alive’, unleashes its next volley of secrets as we draw closer to the biggest Pirate Party in the world Pirate Fest 2019 on 7 September at Marks Park!

For those who throw three sheets to the wind, ye will know that Scottish Scallywags ALESTORM and local Punk Rockers TWEAK have been announced so far to invade the stage at Pirate Fest. Never satisfied, Captain Renegade and the dastardly krew of the Kraken Hunter will be revealing more riveting revelations on the third leg of the Quest to Pirate Fest Tour Pre-Party on 13 April 2019 at Aandklas (Pretoria).

Hard-rocking rapscallions DEADLINE and scull-crushing metallers FACING THE GALLOWS will be tearing up the stage, along with a super surprise performance by  “FUZIGISH” themselves!

Son of a biscuit eater, how can you miss any of this mayhem?


Blimey, to try and define the legend that is FUZIGISH is to try and describe the sweet scuttlebutt rum of Hades itself. So, in their own words, … “We are not looking for a title or genre to fit neatly into, but what the hell, here goes it. Our style is DIY-post-steetpunk-swingabilly-death-skank-partycore, cause that sounds crazy mad! It is also always cool to have the words “post”, “-abilly” and “core” in your genre description. Especially with the scene geeks!”

The lads started out in a little ol’ bar in an attempt to play music for people. They were schooled in a strong independent scene with bands and friends such as Leek & The Bouncing Uptones, Crossing Point, Hog Hoggidy Hog & The Vendetta Cartel. They drank & smoked in parking lots, skated lonely city streets and ran around in mad circles on the dance floors. They play punk and ska and throw in some swing, reggae, soul, rock n’ roll and lekker local South African. They believe in the D.I.Y Ethic and stood the test of time.

So, come support these legends at the third leg of the Quest to Pirate Fest Tour Pre-Party as well as Pirate Fest 2019 and paddle with FUZIGISH up a different stream (they have cold beers & sweet tunes)!


Jay Bones (Vocals & Guitar) | Rockwell (Bass & Vocals) | Big Willy Tempest (Trombone & Vocals) | Thomas Hughes (Drums)


This unique event will celebrate all things alcohol, pirates and rock n’ roll. International bands like ALESTORM will be duly supported by top local acts like TWEAK and FUZIGISH as well as celebrities and a wide selection of alcohol and entertainment throughout the day.

The event is rated ARRR 18+ and tickets are available now. To purchase, log onto www.thekrakenisalive.com and become an Acolyte of the Kult of the Kraken and part of the fabric of this story and the exciting adventures to follow.

Web www.thekrakenisalive.com

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General Enquiries info@thekrakenisalive.com

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Jason Mann and Muhammad Zubi (Mo) are the creators of The Kraken is Alive and organisers of Pirate Fest.

Jason’s commercial prowess and extensive experience in media production, sponsorship and eventing, along with Mo’s visionary leadership, creative flare and strategic expertise enables SX to bring kickass projects to life!

For more information visit www.s-effect.co

Submitted by David Devo Oosthuizen // Devographic for The Kraken is Alive devo@thekrakenisalive.com

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