American Soul Singer Chantae Cann releases ‘Free Your Dreams’ Feat. Snarky Puppy to SA!

Free Your Dreams is the exciting single from Chantae Cann feat Snarky Puppy. Based in Atlanta in the United States, this former backing singer for India Arie has released this single to her South African fans with a special message to her local followers:

Free Your Dreams’ is encouragement to the person who may be overwhelmed by all things that they want to achieve. It’s a reminder that we ALL have to embrace the process and not rush the lessons along the way.  When we adopt that perspective, we allow room for us to grow from dreaming to doing!”

Watch the music video for “Free Your Dreams” below

The single is featured on the 5 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl of her 1st album, Journey to Golden.

There’s a pretty good chance that you haven’t yet heard of Chantae. She opens her mouth and 10,000 hours of studied mononymous legends filter through that voice. The Stevie. The Chaka. The Erykah, Jill, India and Brandy. It’s the church in her work. The courageous blend of an authentic soul choosing to exist in the midst of an often inauthentic industry.  Yet somehow she chooses to find strength in her vulnerability. Chantae Cann, the artist, is both jazz and soul. Rooted in gospel,  reflective of world rhythm and hip hop.

Her debut release, Journey to Golden, landed at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts and #7 on the Jazz Billboard Charts in March of 2016, and was a much welcomed introduction to the songstress. By the time of her follow-up release, Sol Empowered, she was well on her way to building a loyal fan-base. Earning #8 on the Jazz Billboard Charts, this album resonates with so many because they genuinely connect to the story. And Chantae, if nothing else, knows how to make a connection.

Whether it’s the parents who divulge the fact that their kids listen to and sing along to her songs, or those who express that Chantae’s artistry has gotten them through some pretty tough times. Chantae makes music that serves as a safe haven for those seeking respite and reformation. All the while undergirded with a simple, but profound truth: Love Heals.

What was her inspiration into the performing arts?

My mother was my music teacher growing up so I was always surrounded by sounds and singing but I was too shy to sing out loud.  So when I was a teen I started singing at church and it really opened me up. I started to find my own sound and my own purpose within that sound and I knew it was a matter of time before it was my destiny.  I wasn’t classically trained but I studied ALL genres on my own and with other music aficionados.  Later on I started singing background vocals around town and in the studio and eventually got the chance to sing background for India.Arie, which then led to me coming out as a solo artist.”

Cann adds: “I just released a 5th Year Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl of my1st album, Journey to Golden, which “Free Your Dreams” is on. (Available at  I’m currently in the middle of recording the 3rd studio album, in addition to some other cool collabs, and working on a documentary as well, so please stay tuned!”

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