Gay artist and activist Hunter releases his third single “Mona Lisa Man”

Hot off the chart success from two previous singles HUNTER is at it again!

Hunter – destined to become the most celebrated flag-bearer for gay rights in recent history. Within just a few months of Hunter’s first music video ‘So Gay’ going viral on Facebook, he caught the attention and endorsements of some major international influencers, including Pink News UK, Gay-Amsterdam Radio, Top40 Charts New York, and was invited by leading LGBT entertainment authorities – Duckie UK – to perform at their London event September 2018 at the Royal Vauxhall in London.

“Tanzanian-born Hunter (aka Hunter the Voice) has cemented himself as Africa’s ENFANT TERRIBLE of the music world, launching a media campaign which has seen him goading far-right groups into watching the video to his debut track, ‘So Gay’. And yes, it was released on Valentine’s Day, the perfect fuck-you to naysayers and homophobes!” Pop Loving Tarts UK . So Gay club mix reached #25 on the UK Music week Commercial Pop Charts . Keeping the momentum high, Hunter’s second single “Bamboo” climbed to number 24 on the UK Music week Commercial Pop Charts in Dec 2018.  

In Feb 2019 Hunter geared up to release his 3rd single “Mona Lisa Man”

Hunter comments about the track : “ London summer 2018, a beautiful stranger came up to me and commented on my tattoos . He said that I was like a walking art piece and he named me Mona Lisa Man.. and then just like that he walked away. Little did he know that at that time I was experiencing crushing anguish and heartache due to the pains and strains of love. I am Mona Lisa Man. I have a story to tell on my skin that the world sees. Inside are hidden stories heart break , my soul journey to heal my brokenness.My song describes how I repeat my patterns and my addiction to pain. And my resolution that I am worthy of love, I am worth more than even I can imagine”

Photo: AZH Photography

Of Indian heritage, Hunter is a whirlwind of artistic creativity – he is Hunter the Activist; Hunter the Fashion Guru; Hunter the Musician; Hunter the Creator. Hunter was born in the city Dar es Salaam, Eastern Africa, an area in which it is illegal to be homosexual. Raised as a Muslim with Indian parents, he overcame many obstacles to pursue his dream of becoming an artist and completed his education in London, where he received a BA Hons in fashion and textiles. He remained in the city to teach another of his passions – dance – becoming both tutor and choreographer within the Asian dance industry, fusing Western styles with bhangra and Bollywood.


Photo: AZH Photography

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