Introducing Drewboy from Down Under ~ Hotness, Heart, & His brilliant new track!

We do love it when we stumble upon a hidden gem, and we’ve done it again with Australian eye candy , Drewboy!

Not just a pretty face , Drewboy , hailing from the far North, released his heart touching new track on the 15th March 2019, titled “Time to say Goodbye”.

 “TIME TO SAY GOOD-BYE” The Single & Music video

Already known as “the song that makes everyone cry” in Australia, we encourage you to give Drewboy’s track a place on your playlist!. Every now and then a song comes along that is relatable, so close to home that you feel like the songwriter has somehow slid into your life and captured your emotions and then poured them into their lyrics.

“Time to Say Good-Bye” is a song about surrendering pain, moving on and finding the space to love again.
Produced in the ambient Byron Bay studios of Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, who also plays and sings on this track, “Time to Say Good-Bye” is a modern ballad that will speak to the hearts of those who hear it.

We have heard along the grapevine that Drew would love to have a  reason to pay us a visit here in South Africa, so be sure to give his video a thumbs up and follow him on social media till he feels stalked OK!

Watch “Time to Say Goodbye” Below

Who is Drewboy?

From rocking crowds at Australian music festivals like“Groovin’ The Moo” to melting hearts at local weddings – there is not a genre, nor a crowd of music lovers that Drewboy cannot win over with his unique blend of soulful song-writing, high energy beats, relatable material and his undeniably diverse talents as a performer. Drewboy effortlessly delivers everything from on your feet rap and dance tunes, to songs that we can all identify with; beautifully written tributes to love, loss and everything in between. Drewboys music speaks to something within all of us. This is a performer that wins hearts and crowds no matter what stage he stands on. Drewboy is a rare and unique blend of talent and humility. Drawn to writing songs and playing guitar from his younger years, Drewboy has perfected his craft in more than fifteen years as a singer and song writer, delivering beautifully written and highly produced work time after time. It was after a devastating personal loss that Drewboy decided to quit his FIFO job as a High Voltage Electrician/Linesman and pursue his dream of being a full-time professional musician. Barely one year later Drewboy stood on the stage at Steve Irwins Crocoseum, playing sets of all his own original songs to over five thousand people. His first CD “Growing Down”, with support band The Sax Addicts, quickly followed to acclaimed commercial success. Currently Drewboy is in demand for a lot of projects, from musical appearances and gigs across the country; to television, movie and modelling opportunities. Drewboy is tireless and only just beginning to show us the range of his remarkable talents.

Drew The Humanitarian

Drewboy is not just a talented singer/songwriter, busy performer and well-known Queensland personality, he’s also a top shelf human being. He is well known in circles for his incredible acts of kindness and Australian registered charity, known as “Kick On”. Drewboy established the charity, which addresses mental health issues, focusing mainly on those most in need in his community. From hosting self-defence workshops for women, to travelling around FIFO camps performing and raising awareness, Drewboy pays it forward in ways few people do. He’s really just a nice guy.

FIFO Camp Mental Health Tour

Drewboy is very excited to announce his FIFO Mental Health Tour starting with the QGC Gas camps in SW QLD from April 8-18th.This tour is an initiative of Drewboys registered charity, Kick On and will include stand up comedy, live music and primarily bringing awareness to mental health issues specific to FIFO workers.

This tour sees Drewboy returning to his roots. As a former FIFO worker himself, he is only too aware of the pressures faced by those who spend lengthy periods of time away from loved ones, often working long hours in difficult conditions. More than just a music tour, this is a cause that is very close to Drewboys heart.

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