Neon Dreams Presents Dreaming Out Loud Festival: Celebrating The Good, The True & The Beautiful

Line-Up Includes Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Billy Raffoul, Matthew Mole, Janie Bay & SaxbyTwins

Neon Dreams, the ever-popular Canadian duo that has been gracing South Africa with their sun-dipped music and captivating performances, is excited to announce the Dreaming Out Loud Festival a vibrant celebration of unity, compassion, and the transformative power of music.

Having navigated the scenic landscapes of South Africa and encountered its warm-hearted residents, Neon Dreams has been deeply moved by the kindness and genuine concern for others found within every corner of this beautiful nation. Now, in a heartfelt endeavor to bring people together and amplify the resonating spirit of love, the duo can’t wait to welcome music lovers to the festival that promises to be a feast for the senses – a culmination of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

“Neon Dreams starts their first music festival in South Africa” 

The Dreaming Out Loud Festival, set to take place this September, will showcase an extraordinary lineup of musical talents that share Neon Dreams‘ vision for spreading positivity and uplifting communities.

The line-up includes Canadian rock singer/songwriter, Billy Raffoul whose authentic voice exudes comfort and authenticity, creating a musical experience that resonates deeply within the soul; SAMA-award winning singer/songwriter, Matthew Mole – one of South Africa’s most renowned artists with a stage presence that illuminates any room and a magnetic energy that draws audiences into the present moment; Janie Bay – the chart-topping Afrikaans singer.

She has established herself as a fan-favourite in the South African music industry and has a way of infusing her music with a sweet and soulful essence; and last on the line-up are South African newcomers, SaxbyTwins who have made their mark with singles such as ‘Falling For You’, ‘She’s Got That Sunshine’ and more. Their ability to radiate kindness and a genuine desire for the well-being of those around them has allowed them to connect with Neon Dreams on a deeper level and create a friendship that far transcends the stage.

The festival is set to take place on the following dates: 

Thursday, September 7th: Johannesburg at Sognage

Saturday, September 9th: Durban at Chris Saunders

Sunday, September 10th: Cape Town at Zevenwacht Wine Estate

Tickets available from WebTickets HERE

For more information, follow Neon Dreams on social media or on their website HERE

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