Smule app bringing the stars out as far as Mississippi

Will Davis - karaoke Country man with a magic voice

On scrolling through one of our facebook music platforms I stumbled upon a Mash up music video a reader had created and posted with the hugely popular Smule App  

With Smule, you can sing, make music with friends, and even perform Karaoke solos or duets with people across the globe. You can also sing duets with major artists like Ed Sheeran and Luis Fonsi or sing a cappella, solo or jam with a group. Smule also offers audio effects and video filters while singing your favorite karaoke songs. If you’re really confidant in your stardom you can even sing LIVE for friends and fans!

The said video was a duet featuring well known country star Luke Bryan with an unknown gentleman called Will somewhere in the world. Will had posted the clip just for the heck of it. Thing is, Will has a beautiful voice and as phenomenal as Mr Luke Bryan may be, and he is, on this particular day, it was Will Davis, ‘just a poor country boy’ (Will you are SO much more than that!) who caught my attention as his voice complimented the track so beautifully.

Watch the Smule duet below 

We reached out to Will to let him know we think he rocked it and this is what he had to say:

” I’m nobody special, just a small town country boy that works hard to provide for his family. Raised in the country live by the country. My hometown population growing up was about 440 people and the school had over 300 students, lol so the kids were the population  I’ve moved around the country state to state working and finally landed back in Mississippi.

What provides for my family is Drywall. I hang and finish Drywall for a living. I just recently started working for myself trying to have something to leave the kids besides debt. I’ve always liked music of all genres, and I’ve sang music of all genres, just that country music makes me feel at home.

I’ve sang in little cover bands and brought the house down at karaoke many nights. I’d been seeing ads for the smule app and decided to give it a try just for giggles. Sang a couple songs then ran across “sing with the artist”. What the hell?!? Let me sing with Luke!

The tracks are already pre-recorded so you just follow along with the cues. I already knew the song so that wasn’t a problem, LoL. I listened back after singing and figured let me post this to my YouTube channel. Then shared it to my Facebook page and your group SA music news magazine connecting people. Just trying to see if I was as half as good as some people here have said I am.

It feels good to be recognized and thanks again. I really appreciate it ”

We hope you’re going to go show Will some mad love. Who knows, maybe he can start earning some income on YOUTUBE with his awesome voice and naughty humour.

We sure hope so – his mamma is a Betty Davis ok!!

Send us YOUR Smule clips and if we think you are awesome we may just show you off too!

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