We chat to electro geni “BACKCAPWOODS” about where he at & what’s next

Hi Matt

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for our readers.

Q:  BackcapWoods, the name.  How did you get the name and what does it represent?

Hi, thanks for the interest in the project. The name BACKCAPWOODS means nothing too special really. The spelling is a nightmare to begin with. And the all caps thing was novel initially but now just seems to cause confusion. I have actually stopped using the all caps for the most part. The word originated from a sort of broken telephone conversation I had with a friend of mine on a pretty strange day. I was looking for a name at that time anyway and knew it needed to be one word. What started off as an in joke that neither of us could remember the punchline to, ended up becoming my name I guess.I like the way the letters look too, especially in caps. Its just a made up gibberish  thing though and its been a nightmare explaining the name to people or getting them to pronounce or spell it. At least the name wasn’t taken!


Q:  Can you tell our readers a bit about how and when you got into electronic music and who your own personal inspirations are?

Yeah, I can’t really say when I became super into electronic music. Like I used to consider it a “guilty pleasure” of mine when I was younger. Punk music was integral to my high school years and subsequently to my approach to music as a whole. It’s just, from years in bands and years of following a shifting scene, it became tiresome and one dimensional for me, I mean I still love punk rock though. It’s the same with a lot of the other forms of popular music out there now. A lot of these dudes sound the same, look the same, have the same kind of band names or whatever. I’ve always been around an eclectic world of music and I think that was really ingrained in me. I realised pretty early on that these worlds can coexist and that electronic music could have some edge and that there was just so much that could be done with sound that went beyond just playing what I was playing at that time. There are literally too many artists to name as inspirations. I can say that the discovery of the Reflex artists and the early Warp stuff opened my eyes  and ears to a whole new wold of sound.My brother introduced me to heavier music, metal and hardcore and stuff and my dad always had an insane collection of albums that were all over the place too. They both have great taste though. My friends and I mostly bonded through music. I got into hip hop and techno a little later and then R&B and pop and everything. I love finding new music and going through periods of just digging and exploring catalogs of stuff I may have missed. I”m really open to the idea of variation. I listen to anything these days, depending on what I feel like. Music can only be good or bad or somewhere in between I guess, I listen to it all but I’m particular about what I like in each kind of genre.


Q:  You recently released your second full album, “As a matter of matter” with a whopping 19 tracks. Were the tracks specifically produced for an album release or did you just decide you had enough awesome material that needed to be heard?

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that I must have near a thousand tracks on various hard drives, not beats or loops but tracks! Ya, the process of making those decisions  and sifting through it all becomes more of a chore than the writing process. So yeah, at some point you have to just commit. I did have an idea of writing for an album with this project.The main parts to all the songs on the album were done pretty quickly and I had recently cleared up my computer so there were no old projects that I could reopen and get distracted by.  I like hiding those on hard drives to be discovered years later only to be reworked. That was the case with only 2 tracks off this album. I had old temporary skeletal versions of these tracks and live edits that got totally reworked.All the rest were written with the purpose of being on an album. Of course there were tracks that didn’t make the album. The tough part is not getting bored with the fine details of each track once you have committed and then settling on a track order is vital too.


Q:  How has the album been received thus far?

People who have heard it, have been super receptive to it and really dig it for the most part. If you haven’t heard it, please go check it out! See where it takes you!  ↔  As a Matter of Matter


Q:  As a hands on musician and guitar player  yourself do you find yourself missing an instrument, or do you still make time to play?

No. I think that’s a huge misconception, I play more than ever. Maybe not guitar exclusively but all sorts. Im more focused on writing songs as a whole now as opposed to jamming. I still make the initial phase of the process super jammy and loose. But then chip away at it until it starts having some form and cohesion, the same as how u would turn riffs or whatever into actual songs with a band. Like I look at Ableton as an instrument in itself, one that’s customisable and that can host other instruments! I’d rather be able to sort of handle it all than be some shred guitarist or something. I mean i definitely miss playing with bands and I do try make time to jam with people when I can, be it vocalists on beats or silly jams on the synths or guitars with friends or whatever. I still play guitar for myself as an outlet and who knows, maybe one day I will get involved with another full on bad vibe. But for the most part I separate those worlds and use the guitar to work out what I cant work out on keys or to come up with harmonies or whatever. I love playing real instruments though and its all the more fun when its with mates. When it comes to BACKCAPWOODS though, I’ve been careful to create a sound that I try to abide to and you probably wont find me shredding guitar over any tracks any time soon.


Q: With electronic music being so different to the writing of a song that is usually inspired by an emotion, person or event, what inspires the creating of sounds without words? What is your creative process?

Good question! I mean it can be inspired by an emotion or event, whether its those feelings that inspire you to make the track or whether its that headspace that you want the listener immersed in and then you have to synthesise and recreate it. Maybe it starts as a sound design thing where you have sampled something or someone special to you and turned it into something else or you can recreate that emotive quality through soundscapes. I love that stuff. Its not like a singer songwriter telling you about his experiences or feelings. The endless possibilities to  manipulate sound with an absence of lyrics is addictive to me. I would dig to do something with vocalists though! I feel instrumental music can often be more emotive in that, its left up to the listener more. I love ambiguity in sound. Like sounds that are ambiguous in timbre or pitch, or half organic, half mechanised and clinical. I love it when the music is emotively ambiguous too. It leaves the listener in charge. This is partially why I tried to keep track names pretty open-ended too and give them alternate names. Its can be whatever, the emotion is there. It just may chop and change from day to day depending on you and how much u read in to it.


Q: Are you currently performing at any clubs or venues at the moment and do you have anything big lined up for the rest of the year we can get our readers excited about?


As a Matter of Matter Tour along the coast soon with Palmdrive and ThabotheArtist

4th October-Winston Durban

5th October-Backline Margate (DJ set)

6th October- Jungle Monkey Backpacker Port St John

8th October-SSS Grahamstown

10th October-Trenchtown Cpt

14 October-Evol Cpt


Q: The future for BackcapWoods? How does it look?

You never know, you know. I’m just going to keep doing my thing. I have lots still to work on, mostly collaborative projects. That’s my main goal for the near future. Definitely some tracks with vocalists are in order, just need the right people. Right now just focusing on getting this new material out to whoever will give it a chance. Some videos are in order too, I’ve been due for one of those for a while. I’m trying to get out a little more, just keep on with it at take it as it comes!





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