We chat to Josh Middleton about music, balance & the future

We got to ask 16 year old songster Josh Middleton a few questions for you about his music, balancing life & the future.

Q: Josh, did you grow up in a musically inclined family? How did you discover your passion?

A: I’m the only musician in the family, don’t know who I got it from. I started singing when I was 5 and soon after I was addicted to being on stage.


Q: How did you cope with the recording process with “Never Give Up” considering that you still attend school?

A: I coped well throughout the recording process, I’m lucky enough to have tutors who help me if I get behind. I’m busy doing my GEDs & SATs at a learning hub in Fourways, called LightLearning.

Q. Who are your main influences musically and what inspired you to write the album?

ALady Gaga, Martin Garrix and Sam Smith.


Q: Your second single that you co-wrote, “Monster” makes reference to a sort of inner struggle of compulsion. Does this “Monster” signify something personal in your life?

A: It doesn’t symbolise anything personal to me, I like writing songs about other peoples experiences.


Q: Do you co-write most of your songs?

A: No, most of my songs I write myself.



Q. What is your favourite song on “Never Give up” and why?

A: “Jealous”, everything from the writing to the  producing process went smoothly, everything fell in place easily.



Q. How has your musical success affected your day to day life as a 16 year old school going student and has it changed the way your peers and friends look at you and respond to you?

A: No not really, I guess its cool going to school while your albums at number 3 on iTunes but my friends don’t really get sucked into my music. Even though they support it and they support me, I’m a normal 16 year old with normal friends. 


Q: Your single “Gone” featuring Aewon Wolf was another well received track, how did that collaboration come about?

A: My producer and I just finished the track but we felt as if it was missing something. We knew of Aewon, and knew he would complement the track so we emailed his team and in a few seconds we had a response, he liked the track. We flew him up to JHB and the track evolved from there.


Q. Josh, with your Mom as manager and a sister whom you are very close to, how have they adjusted to your newfound success? Would you say that it has changed the family dynamics in anyway?

A: I think my entire family has had to adjust to my success,  I’m constantly in studio, on radio and on TV. There isn’t always time to sit down and relax with the family but they understand and are always supportive.


Q: Have you done any live performances yet? Can we expect a tour of South Africa any time soon?

A: Yeah I’ve performed across the country, looking forward to a possible SA and UK tour in the future.


Q. If you could collaborate on a track with any artist in the world, who would you choose?

A: Black Coffee, Shekhinah, Majozi


Kieron Reeves – SA Music News Correspondant

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Josh’s music is available on most digital platforms, including iTunes and Google Play

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