A chat with Quintus from OsMoSIS

We took a moment “between the Silences” (pun intended) to chat to Quintus from OsMoSIS and ask a coupe of questions.

Q: Quintus, can you tell us when and how OsMoSIS came about? Where you a solo artist before the band?

A: I was always writing songs. The idea was to get a band together that I could do projects in the studio with, something like ‘The Archies’ or ‘Roxette’. Out of the frustration of not finding a vocalist that would commit I got behind the microphone and became the voice of the band.

Q: Who does OsMoSIS consist of and what would you say each member brings to the band?
A: For the most part the actual band is made up of several session musicians. I must stress that these songs wouldn’t be anything without the contributions of these talented guys.

Q: What bands would you say inspired or influenced your music style?
A: The genre we are kind of going with is ‘singer-songwriter’. I grew up listening to Elton John, Neil Diamond, ABBA, Carole King, Randy Newman… to give you an idea.

Q: We noticed in the writing of the band name “OsMoSIS” you capitalise on certain letters. Is this symbolic in anyway?

A: As it turns out there are several music acts that are known as Osmosis. I thought upper to lower case would make my product stand out, but search engines don’t recognize it as anything different.

Q: You have a background in classical jazz which certainly comes through in “Turn it around”, can you elaborate on this?
A: I did classical piano as a child, contemporary music after school, and then stumbled into jazz. I think the real osmosis has been all of these different disciplines, styles and sensibilities swirling around in my head and coming out in my songs.

Q: What is your instrument of choice when writing? Do you play any other instruments?

A: I play piano, and usually compose at my piano that’s linked to my computer. I try when writing songs to start with an idea and then take it to the piano. My computer program allows me to simulate instruments and arrangements that then build on these concepts.

Q: We believe your wife Margaret co-writes your material, is she also connected or involved in the music industry or a band or just a natural flare for writing?
A: Margaret and I first got together as writing partners. As I said before we try to think of an idea first. Margaret will come up with a title or a few lines that rhyme and we’ll go from there. She writes beautiful stories and poetry.

Q: Your new album “Between the Silences” is said to be a compilation of love & life, would this be based on you and Margarets’ own individual experiences or your reflections as a couple?
A: The fascinating thing for us is articulating through music and lyrics our perceptions and viewpoints of what is happening around us. It’s really amazing when we kind of meet up in the middle biting on the same string of spaghetti as it were.

Q: Feedback on the album so far, has it been promising?
A: Yes, a lot of people really like it. Unlike before, those who say it isn’t their cup of tea have also been very kind and encouraging.

Q: Apparently it is your dream to be a film producer? Is this still on the cards for you or will music be taking priority for now?
A: Film Composer!  Hollywood watch this space. I can’t imagine doing anything other than music.

Q: Is the band performing live at the moment and can we look forward to seeing OsMoSIS on tour at some stage?
A: No travel planes have been made yet. I would love to get the chance to get a live band together and do these songs for a live audience.

Q: Would you like to drop a message for your fans?

A: Thank you for your generosity and support. Keep listening, not just to OsMoSiS, but to anyone that puts their music out there. There is a lot of new talent waiting to be discovered.

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