Interview with Onlogies and TomyV

SA Music & Entertainment Magazine chat with Onlogies & TomyV about their collaborative Masterpiece, 'Another Ghost'

Interview with Onlogies and TomyV – SA Music & Entertainment Magazine is thrilled to present an interview with two extraordinary musicians, Onlogies (Erasmus Hendrikse) and TomyV (Thomas Sibusiso Mthembu). This dynamic duo has captivated audiences with their collaborative masterpiece, ‘Another Ghost.’ A genre-blending gem available on all major streaming platforms now.

In this feature, we delve into the intriguing journey of these talented artists, exploring their individual careers, the creative alchemy behind ‘Another Ghost,’ and the unique elements that set their collaboration apart in the music industry.

Listen and indulge in the soulful symphony of ‘Another Ghost’ HERE

Interview with Onlogies & TomyV

Q: ‘Another Ghost’ has a unique blend of genres, transcending conventional categorization. Can you share the creative process behind fusing these diverse musical elements, and how you navigated the challenge of creating a track that resonates across genres?

Onlogies Answer: The song belongs to a unique genre that, while not the most popular, has the potential to resonate with a broader audience. One can write and adapt a song to any genre, but this song aims to showcase the lyrics and vocalist, with an emphasis on conveying its message.

Q: The song was written 13 years ago, and now it has found its voice with TomyV’s vocals. How did the collaboration unfold, and what made you feel that TomyV was the perfect fit for ‘Another Ghost’?

Onlogies Answer: This song was initially written around 2011 with only guitar and piano, never seeing a release. When TomyV came to the studio for an introduction, I played a few tracks for him. He and his friend immediately fell in love with the song. On the first take, we both knew his vocals were what the song was waiting for. TomyV transformed the song from being a romantic ballad into a masterpiece. This song hasn’t changed conceptually; it wrote itself in a very short period.

Q: Onlogies, in your comments, you mentioned that the song is about embracing imperfections and seeing others for who they truly are. How did this theme evolve over the 13 years, and how did TomyV’s contribution shape the final narrative of the song?

Onlogies Answer: TomyV transformed the song from being a romantic ballad into a masterpiece. Conceptually, the song has remained unchanged since its creation; it was one of those compositions that naturally fell into place in a brief span.

Q: Onlogies and TomyV, how did your individual artistic styles complement each other in the collaboration, and what challenges did you overcome during the creative process?

Onlogies Answer: We faced logistical challenges related to transportation and telephonic communication. TomyV is the easiest vocalist to work with, flexible in style and adapting easily to a song. We currently have three singles together, showcasing how he adapts to fit the genre and story of each song.

TomyV Answer: Onlogies was inspired by how good my voice sounded on the song, and I was equally inspired by the song he wrote and produced.

Q: TomyV, you’ve overcome personal challenges to become a versatile artist. How did these experiences influence your approach to the collaboration, and what message do you hope to convey through ‘Another Ghost’?

TomyV Answer: Being an artist exposed to various sounds from different ethnic groups, tribes, and cultures shaped and managed my sound and understanding. This experience offers a unique way of listening to music. With both Onlogies and me inspired by different genres, we brought more depth to the song.

Q: Can you share any memorable moments or anecdotes from the studio during the creation of ‘Another Ghost’ that highlight the chemistry between you two as collaborators?

Onlogies Answer: I am still struggling to figure out why the first take is always the best. TomyV and I joke about it these days. We keep the mic on even if we are listening to a section for the first time, and he needs to get a feel for the song. We both laugh a lot and dream about success in the music industry.

TomyV Answer: Onlogies always wants to take one more take. He likes to push me more and more. I often do something that he hears, and then he runs into the studio to ask if I recorded it, and I often didn’t. Then we would do 10 or more takes just to try and find that same take he heard.

Q: ‘Another Ghost’ is described as an invitation to connect with the emotions woven into each chord. How do you want listeners to feel when they experience the song, and what emotions do you hope it evokes in them?

Onlogies Answer: We hope people can connect with the story and lyrics, finding personal meaning in the song.

Q: The harmonious blend of your voices creates a memorable listening experience. How did you prioritize achieving this emotional resonance, and what do you believe sets ‘Another Ghost’ apart from other collaborative tracks in the industry?

Onlogies Answer: Another Ghost encourages embracing differences and loving people for their unique idiosyncrasies. The instrumentation and timing are not perfect everywhere, but the ebb and flow of the song eventually resolve into a state of peace.

Q: Are there specific musical or lyrical elements in ‘Another Ghost’ that you feel particularly proud of or that you believe define the essence of the song?

Onlogies Answer: The lyrics of ‘Another Ghost’ are rich in imagery and symbolism, yet simple enough for listeners to connect with.

Q: ‘Another Ghost’ is available on all streaming platforms. How has the digital landscape influenced the release and reception of the song, and what role do you see streaming platforms playing in the future of music distribution?

Onlogies Answer: The online landscape poses challenges in this genre, but we believe the song can resonate with a wider audience. However, with the number of uploads per day on various platforms, one should not make music purely for potential recognition. From our point of view, the online platform offers an opportunity for exposure, but we make music for the love of it.

Q: As artists, how do you leverage social media and online platforms to engage with your audience and promote your music?

Onlogies Answer: We approached Devo at Devographic Music Agency, and he has invested significant effort. The exposure he has created for the song and for us has been incredible. In this industry, you need someone with the know-how.

Q: ‘Another Ghost’ marks a significant collaboration. Are there plans for further collaborations between you two, or any upcoming projects that fans can look forward to?

Onlogies Answer: We released three singles in 2023 and plan to continue collaborating. There is a synergy between our approach to music and our goals.

Q: How do you see your individual artistic journeys evolving from this point forward, and what aspirations do you have for your music in the coming years?

Onlogies Answer: As Onlogies, I aim to keep producing and improving; there’s always room for growth. TomyV has immense potential, and I would love to see him succeed; he deserves recognition and a break.

TomyV Answer: I would like to grow and develop my sound and delivery. To be an inspiration to people. I would love to be heard. My voice and ability are unique. I would love to be a traveling musician, to have my music played on the radio, and for my name and music to be a household name.

Q: Finally, what message or takeaway do you hope listeners will carry with them after experiencing ‘Another Ghost,’ and is there anything else you would like to share with your fans and the readers of SA Music & Entertainment Magazine?

Onlogies Answer: Any platform, station, or publication promoting South African music offers the musician an opportunity for exposure. We appreciate this opportunity.

TomyV Answer: Perhaps happiness is found in peace, loving what you have rather than what you want, and embracing imperfections perfectly.

As we conclude this insightful journey into the creative realms of Onlogies and TomyV, we find ourselves enriched by the stories behind ‘Another Ghost’. Their collaboration, marked by passion, dedication, and a shared vision, has birthed a musical masterpiece that transcends genres, inviting listeners to connect with its profound emotions.

SA Music & Entertainment Magazine extends heartfelt gratitude to Onlogies and TomyV for generously sharing their experiences, inspirations, and aspirations with our readers. It’s through such candid conversations that the magic of music truly comes alive. We’re privileged to have witnessed the essence of ‘Another Ghost’ unfold.

Now, the stage is set for you to immerse yourselves in this sonic journey. Get it now on your preferred streaming platform. Let the enchanting harmonies of ‘Another Ghost’ guide you through a tapestry of emotions. This isn’t just an invitation to listen; it’s a call to experience the magic crafted by these two exceptional artists.

About Onlogies (Erasmus Hendrikse)

Onlogies, meaning illogical, is an embodiment of creative freedom. Since 2021, Onlogies has been crafting music from the heart. Committing themselves to collaboration and breaking free from conventional norms.

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About TomyV (Thomas Sibusiso Mthembu)

TomyV, born in Soweto, South Africa, is a musician, singer, and songwriter. Overcoming challenges, TomyV’s passion for music has led to significant artistic growth. Collaborating with esteemed artists, he has carved his path in the music industry, leaving an indelible mark.

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