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We are so lucky to have been able to ask the gents of Prime Circle a couple of quick ones whilst they are currently on their “If you don’t you never will” tour.

As SA waits with bated breath for their turn to see this phenomenal band as they wrap up their international tour here at home, I ask you, did you get your tickets yet?  #headintheclouds #liveattheteatro

Tickets are available exclusively from Computicket. / 083 915 8000.

The tickets are from R250. Regrettably no children under the age of 3 are permitted into the venue.



What the gents had to say:

Q: With regard to your brand new album, “If you don’t you never will”, what are you actually referring to with the somewhat cryptic title?

Every year being in a band we’ve had new hurdles and challenges to overcome, which have lead us to amazing experiences. It’s sort of like that in the sense of just throw yourself right in and see what happens as it will lead to an experience. “If you don’t you never will”

Q: Did you write all of the tracks?

I wrote the lyrics and melodies with help from Denholm our producer. We (the band)initially worked a lot on pre-production at Dale’s home studio (Dale Schnettler, the drummer), just throwing a lot of ideas around and seeing what stuck. We then returned to the first studio we ever worked in, B# studios in the East Rand. So you could say this album is a full circle kind of album.

Q: It’s been quite a break since the last album, this album release being noticeably more emotionally driven. Was there any particular inspiration behind this?

Our normal life is always the biggest influence and inspiration so yes a lot of emotional stuff had happened in between albums that I needed to get out, and off my chest.

Q: Has it been more challenging releasing an album in a market that has become overly digitized or have you found it easier?

Releasing albums has always been challenging because there are always new mediums and ways to get it out, which doesn’t always make it easier, but in other ways it’s amazing as your fans all over the world have access to your life and album and shows so that does help get your message out. It all comes down to marketing and if what you have recorded is any good in the end

Q: On your current international tour, were you terribly nervous as to how the audience would respond on your opening night?

Seeing people respond to new material is always nerve-racking but we were very confident with the new album and love playing it so it was more excitement than nerves I think. When you see people sing along to your music, especially new material it is an amazing experience

Q: From viewing the images of your Mannheim gig it seems you rocked the crowd hard. Is there any significant difference for you as a band performing to an SA audience in comparison to an international audience? Do you find them more receptive over there?

It’s all about creating moments  either home or abroad so we treat them pretty much the same. We do find that there are a lot more venues in Europe that are geared towards live bands so you can push production more at times, but as far as the supporters if we do a good job it always gets crazy

Q: Which show has been the most phenomenal for you as a band so far on the tour?

We recently performed with The Pixies and a bunch of local bands in Johannesburg. I am a huge fan of  the band and being able to perform at that show was incredible for us, the energy was insane

Q: How have you guys been holding up what with the travelling and performances, and have you met up with any well-known bands whilst there?

We love touring, it gets really tiring at times but it’s what we love to do as a band, we are a touring band before anything. We’ve toured with Seether, Three Doors Down, Alterbridge in Europe  and played numerous festivals where the band list is mind blowing and we are still just those big fans trying to get the best vantage point to watch the shows. It is truly a blessing to be able to be traveling with music

Q: Do you feel thus far that this tour has encouraged a good fan base that side?

Yes, seeing how the new album has been received, getting to work the show more and more and see the fan base grow has been great, it only makes us more excited for the next time round and seeing how we can push production and venues to even bigger heights

Q: After your final leg of the tour ending back home, are there any plans for Prime Circle or will you be taking some time to recharge?

We have a huge show at MonteCasino on the 23 and 24 of March where we are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at so focusing on these shows and we’ll have to see about some relax time after that. Only time will tell ….

Website: Primecircleband.Com

Facebook: Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Prime.Circle

Instagram and Twitter: @Prime_Circle

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