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Are you paying “Attention”? ~ T. Nale drops heavyweight!

23 Year old Hip-hop, pop and R&B Vocal artist T. Nale releases his brand new single ATTENTION

With the success of launching his brand-new album titled ‘Careful”, the young star has been on many a music lovers playlist already.

Listen to “Attention” here!

The song ” Attention” stands out in comparison to others on this 14 Track masterpiece. This is certainly one of his best works to date and shows how T. Nale has developed both musically and personally.

T. Nale comments: “Throughout my career I have never felt more connected with my fans and my music. I truly believe in my work and can’t wait to give much more music to you”. 

His latest upcoming Single “Attention” is a distinct look at the artists maturity and understanding in everyday struggles within relationships. The single is about the risks one has to take sometimes within their relationships in order to reach a common ground.

Inspiration self drawn on the track and motivation to never give up on what you truly believe in, T.Nale believes he will speak and work his dreams into reality.

Born in the Southern region of Johannesburg, he moved a lot growing up, seeing many parts of the country . His musical dreams formed in the streets of Meadowlands, he has travelled to Durban and back again, to the heart of Joburg, as he picked up an ear for what people demanded, smashing the stereotype with hard work and perseverance.

Recording and performing has been a lifelong passion of T. Nale and his passion only gets stronger. Now residing in the city, T. Nale spends countless hours perfecting his craft and the art of his performance.

“Talk about the music when you talk to me”, he states in one of the tracks of the album.

Throughout his career T.Nale has released 3 album length mixtapes and an official album which you can find on all major streaming platforms.

In 2018 he released his highly anticipated single called “Gamble mama” which is still currently making its rounds on radio stations. The music video has been published and certified by “Vevo” and T.Nale says he has much more in store!

In 2017 T. Nale was featured in Omen the Chef’s “Nomayini” Single which made way to channel O and Trace shortly after its release. His stand out verse boasted his diversity to fans and an opportunity to show them how the industry works. T.Nale aims to achieve award winning status within South Africa.

With his breakthrough imminent, T.Nale’s music intends to expand the audiences perception and encourges one to think outside of the box. His passion, always evident through the sincere emotion he displays in his music.

Keep an eye on this one!

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