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Ark 4 Africa release debut single and video “It Takes The World to Make A Miracle” to help build Noah’s Ark in South Africa

“It Takes the World to Make A Miracle” was produced by Double-Grammy® Award winning Robin Hogarth and the highly acclaimed Neill Solomon. Solomon also wrote the composition & lyrics to “It Takes the World to Make A Miracle”.  British film and television composer Gary Judd from The Artful Corporation Ltd contributed towards the arrangement of the music.  This decidedly awarded production trio will also be responsible for the Ark 4 Africa album due for release in 2020.

Music group Ark 4 Africa was created to record and perform music for Noah’s Ark. Phathiswa Magangane and Christina Mkabela are the first Ark 4 Africa artistes who performed the lead vocals for “It Takes the World to Make A Miracle”.  Phathiswa appeared on The Voice South Africa. The artists in this group will change as the producer’s welcome artists from around the world to be part of the project and be part of Ark 4 Africa. The money raised from streams and downloads will help fund the Noah’s Ark park and supporting “Noah’s Ark Lifeboats” projects.

See the official music video below:

Award-winning Creative Director, Andrew Timm, conceptualized and directed the music video for “It Takes The World To Make A Miracle”. Andrew’s creative credentials include his involvement in X Factor South Africa, Joyous Celebration, the SAFTA Awards, the Metro FM Awards, and countless other TV shows and live events over the past three decades.  Andrew also directed the audition video for the Ndlovu Youth Choir which recently made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent and a music video for Rustenburg High School of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody which recently went viral on social media achieving two million views.

We are asking every person on this planet to get involved and help build Noah’s Ark.  We need the world downloading and streaming the Ark 4 Africa music using TurnUp and international platforms iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and others.

Donations can be made securely to our Crowd Funding page at www.noahsark.life

This music is released in collaboration with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Next Music.

Noah’s Ark is a state of the art animal and ecological conservation park, covering 100 square kilometers on the North East coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. This will be the largest and most ambitious conservation project in history, with construction starting in August 2020.  The £5 Billion development was conceptualized by DBM Architects Johannesburg and illustrated by Image Nation Johannesburg.

The technology solutions in the park are being designed and advised by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer and electronic products.  The project is supported by His Majesty The King of the Zulus and leader of the region INkosi Tembe under uMkhanyakude District. The Noah’s Ark Foundation is in talks with the South African Government.   The process of drafting the lease for 100km of land is underway by INkosi Tembe’s office for the use of building the ark.

The Noah’s Ark project was created by British publicist Richard Prinsloo Curson and his South African partner Hein Prinsloo Curson as action to the eco system crisis the planet faces and providing a way for everyone everywhere to get involved and be part of the solution; they want to inspire unity so humanity will work together as one to fight the eco war, protect the circle of life, and encourage humanity to re think their relationship with the planet and the animals, the Noah’s Ark slogan is “We Are Noah. We Are One!”

This time, instead of Noah’s Ark being an ark in the sea, Noah’s Ark will be an ark on the land, where an example of all animals and plants on Earth will be preserved and conserved. The Noah’s Ark Foundation, the non-profit organization set up to manage the ark will work to support global projects which prevent deforestation, pollution, hunting and poaching wild animals.

The ark will feature nuclear proof science installations to store DNA from every species on Earth.  A seed bank will be included in the installation.  Experts will manage the specimens.    A pulse beam system will defend the park’s borders helping control poaching.  A communities division in the Noah’s Ark project headed by Kgaugelo Sekhwela will work to invest funds into rural communities reliant on poaching for a living.

The entire project will feature innovative technology, pushing the boundaries of future engineering to ensure the park is futureproof.  Noah’s Ark will be operated using a master computer installation where a core computer and multiple underground computer systems from within the park and toward the edge of the park will control every aspect of the site.  It will be the smartest development of its kind on Earth and can be operated using cell phone devices and tablets.

The park’s aquarium needs to be the biggest in the world to accommodate life from the ocean.  Mega-Structure Geo Domes, built using smart glass and sophisticated climate control systems, will ensure animals from other continents can feel at home too in their own eco systems under the African sun.  The most challenging of these is the Polar Dome which needs to replicate the entire Artic Eco System; this is one of the toughest challenges facing the technology research and development teams.

Visitors will experience the important work Noah’s Ark will be doing.   Tourism will sustain the park after it has been built.  The park transport system features a driverless car infrastructure so a fleet of electric driverless vehicles will provide quiet, eco-friendly and safe transport for visitors.  There will be a natural history museum featuring 3D animated life size holograms of animals.  And the EFC gym facilities will feature hologram personal trainers.

The eco-park will be supported by an international network of action centres called “Noah’s Ark Life-Boats”, enabling experts working in them to action on environmental issues locally.  This will be funded by The Noah’s Ark Foundation.

A television series is in production to document the project’s development and will be distributed by Lightening International, Hong Kong.  The series will follow the project management team headed by Richard & Hein Prinsloo Curson as they work to raise the money needed to build the ark.

Donations can be made securely to our Crowd Funding page at www.noahsark.life

Follow Noah’s Ark on Facebook HERE

“We are Noah. We are One!”

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