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Cece Vee unveils new track ‘Black Light’ with gritty, film noir-inspired music video!

Cece Vee is only making her debut and we can already tell she will be a singer to listen to in the next few months, so let’s lookout for this new talent that is proving herself more and more to the music industry.” Conversations About Her (2021)

Pioneering singer and multi-instrumentalist Cece Vee has made a resounding impression on SA music enthusiasts of late. Following the success of her debut single (Dysfunctional), which topped the JOOX’s New Pop Hits playlist (2020), she released an upbeat, yet nostalgic modern-day anthem (Wild Hearts) along with a captivating call-to-adventure video.

Cece returns to the limelight on Friday 9 July with her brand new single, Black Light, a track that allows her sultry vocals and intricate harmonies to shine through 80s-inspired synths and bold bass lines, with grooving beats and electro stabs pulling it all together in a feat of slick and stylish production.

Cece reveals that Black Light is ultimately about taking your power back and making the conscious decision to walk away from a toxic relationship. It deals with how a person can be slowly and unknowingly suffocated by toxicity in a relationship, referencing the great internal struggle that occurs, often unseen, as the toxic influence slowly creeps in and drains the life out of them.

Even though the song deals more specifically with a romantic situation, I believe the same thing occurs in other environments, such as friendships and working relationships, as well. I’ve personally been through a few different situations like this throughout my life and I’ve learned that as difficult as it may sometimes be, walking away is often the best thing you can do for yourself. It can be life-changing. Peace over toxicity any day,” she explains.

The video that accompanies the track is a gritty, film noir-inspired art piece (Directed by Joshua Cookson) that flits between images of Cece Vee’s character wracked with anxiety in a black space, as she does battle with an unseen force via cold, removed electronic mediums; and richly layered profile studies that allude to the internal dual we all fight as we strive to remove ourselves from unhealthy entanglements.

Watch the video for ‘Back Light’ below

Black Light is a fresh new take on the power-takeback ballad, featuring luscious verses that spar energetically with catchy choruses, woven into a stirring whole that leaves the listener feeling simultaneously wistful and ready to land a punch.

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