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Christian Heath Drops His Spicy New Single “Tonight”

Christian Heath celebrates his recent signing with top independent label, Gallo Record Company, with the release of his single “Tonight” featuring Nixi.

 Heath, best known for his pop/rock style, explores an upbeat Latino flair with the release of “Tonight” – a single originally influenced by the Enrique Iglesias track “Bailamos” and written about 8 years ago. Released in the heart of winter to heat up the cold, Christian explains the theme behind the song, saying “The song is about recreating the spark between two people, so it’s spicy and a little naughty and a touch of tease, which is what the aim was. It was tough writing the track though cause I was stuck with just a verse and no chorus. When approaching Mark Beling, he really liked the vibe and helped with the chorus. But the song need something different, hence the idea of getting Nixi in, a young woman originally from Spain to add a Spanish twist for the ‘Bride’ of the track. It was great writing with Nixi. She had great ideas and added a lot of value to the track with her Spanish influence.”



 Since the split of his long time rock outfit The Christian Heath Band (aka Nova Rise) in 2015, South African singer/songwriter Christian Heath has emerged as one of his homeland’s most popular solo artists.

Sharing the more heartfelt side of his artistry, a strong inspiring faith in himself and new dimensions of his formidable vocals, the multi-talented singer-songwriter has tapped into his passions for pop, soul and Latin music to become a non-stop radio hit machine and in demand festival performer. Christian makes his highly anticipated U.S. debut with the release of the EP One – a collection of his popular radio hits and his new single, a powerful global anthem for peace entitled “One (A World Song).”

An emotional song of devotion no matter the distance, the singer’s infectious pop/rocker “I’m Yours” reached #2 on the AlgoaFM Top 30 chart; #1 on Musolist, a prominent NYC based indie music site; #75 on Triple J Unearthed Australia, a prominent outlet dedicated to showcasing new artists; and #21 on the rock charts. The high energy pop track “No Good for You” reached #24 on the AlgoaFM Top 30 chart, and the sensual funk hit “Magic” – a Craig David inspired tune that unveils Christian’s “naughtier” side – reached #10 on that chart. The EP also includes the soulful ballad “Paradise” and the sexy and danceable, Latin-vibing “Tonight” featuring the Spanish language vocals of Nixi. Collectively, these five tracks reflect a wide range of Christian’s musical influences, from Richard Marx and Michael Bolton to Def Leppard and Enrique Iglesias.

Stream or download ‘Tonight’ now from http://smarturl.it/ChristianHeathTonigh

Follow Christian Heath online: 


Website   https://christianheathofficial.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christianheathmusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/christianHth
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christian.hth/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIx0WolOj8YKJ8f43sjkj7g


Follow Gallo Record Company online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gallorecordcompanysa/

Twitter: @GalloRecordsSA

Instagram: @GalloMusicSA


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