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Christian Heath Releases ‘The Letter’ – Part 3 of his intriguing 4 Part Love story

Shortly after his 2020 SAMA26 Nomination for “Best Pop Album” announcement, Christian Heath releases his latest single “The Letter”, part 3 of his 4 part music series, telling the journey of a love story.

“Fight For Love”, and “Forget Who We Are” are the singles released leading up to “The Letter”. “Fight For Love” is about meeting somebody and fighting to make the ‘in-love’ feeling last, and Forget Who We Are tells the story of how a couple loses themselves in each other and their love for one another.

The story continues with the release of “The Letter” and is Christian’s personal favourite from the series. “The Letter”, is a song about not realising what you have until it’s gone. A person regretting that they had not taken the time to see what was most important to them and now they are left alone, having to move on.

On Sunday, 19 July 2020 Christian Heath will release the first visualiser episode of the 4 Part series, for “Fight For Love”.

This visualiser video features the stunning actress, dancer, and storyteller Anastasia Amy, who perfectly and elegantly plays the role of Christian’s love interest.

Christian wanted to create something through the music that expresses a journey from romance to heartbreak.

Each single in this series will have a comic styled visualiser video accompanying it, to express the story in both a visual and an audio medium so that the listener can not only listen to the narrative but also feel and experience it – almost becoming the character.

To be part of this journey of love with Christian, follow his social media platforms to see when the various visualiser video episodes will be released.

‘The Letter’ is available now, on all major digital platforms HERE 

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