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Christian Heath’s brand new album “Here I Am” is out now!

Christian Heath has released his brand new album “Here I Am” and it’s a must listen!! “Here I Am” is out now across all digital platforms HERE

Christian joined his long-time friend and producer, Mark Beling, in studio to record the album. “I set out to challenge myself with this album melodically, lyrically and vocally – yet still keeping it as real and authentic to my writing style as I possibly could – with the help of my producer and good friend Mark Beling,” and their friendship has made for a great work force in the studio itself, creating a brilliant new album with “Here I Am”.

“Here I Am” is an 11-track easy-listening journey through the sultry smooth Pop side Christian Heath has embraced so well. The album sees a selection of great soulful and funky pop tracks with the likes of hit single “Because of You” and “With You”, set alongside the playful uptempo side with brand new single “Can’t Deny It” and album track “Giving It Up”, all perfectly balanced with the predominantly ballad feel from tracks such as “The Letter”, “Try To Get To You”, “Angel Waits” and “Forever”.

Watch the music video for “Can’t Deny It” below

“Christian Heath – Here I Am” album is out now across all digital platforms HERE

Christian spent a few days in the US just days ahead of his album release and it was an incredible experience for him.
“I was invited to audition for college tours in the US all along the West coast, as well as had a few meetings with some major players in the music industry. I had to present the new album and show what I could do live. It was a crazy experience.”

Christian’s return from the US had him welcomed back in Joburg with a packed Roodepoort Theatre on Thursday 21 November for the launch of “Here I Am”, giving fans and media a first listen to all of the tracks on the album through an explosive live performance.

Missed out on it? Check out pics from the event on Christian Heath’s Facebook page.

Christian runs track-by-track through the album, giving listeners a deeper understanding of each song:

1. Mine: A song about doing anything for the person you truly love, even crossing planets to get to them.
2. The Letter: The Letter is about not trying hard enough for the person you love and living with that regret.
3. Because of You: The song is about getting someone to open up and trust you.
4. Try To Get To You: Even in the darkest of places that anyone can be in, I will always find a way to get to you.
5. With you: To be with that other person who continuously makes you feel good and challenges you.
6. Can’t Deny It: The single is about two people fighting their feelings for one another but “Can’t Deny It” – the attraction they have for one another.
7. Angel Waits: Being perfect in every possible way from head to toe, which leaves me speechless that you are in my life.
8. Soldier of Life: Everyone needs to stand up for what is right for themselves, cause they are in control of their own destinies, their own life.
9. Giving it up: Brushing aside someone who is playing games with you, yet circumstances change and you end up falling for that person in the end.
10. Forever: The perfect connection between two lovers.

“Christian Heath – Here I Am” album is out now across all digital platforms HERE

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  1. What a show Well Done Christian Heath on your new Album “Can’t deny it” Your performance that night was Brilliant I am a BIG Supporter and always will be You are a great Artist 🎸

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