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DJ InviZAble has delivered a powerful afro house rework of Zim based Flying Bantu’s ‘CeaseFire’

With the current spate of xenophobic attacks and outrage over the abuse of women in South Africa, the masked DJ inviZAble has delivered a powerful afro house rework of Zimbabwean based Flying Bantu’s lead single from their debut album that aims to spread a message of hope.

Listen to ‘CeaseFire’ below

The artists met while on a tour at Canadian Music Week where InviZAble was inspired by the original song. Tinashe of Flying Bantu explains his inspiration for the tracks emotive lyrics. “Ceasefire is a call for change in mankind’s approach to conflict.

The true victims of war are women and children and it can be argued that young men bearing arms are born into an age-old ideology whose often unworthy roots and motives are impressed upon them through a form of socio-political imprisonment.

As youths and as sovereign minds, people of this day and age should be allowed the freedom to create their own views, laws and cultures. The future of mankind should not accept violence as its inheritance”. The collaboration has united the two acts in solidarity of their craft. Their hope is to create music that transcends the borders set by culture, race, religion and even genre in a grand quest for a togetherness amongst citizens of the world.

“We are expressing something born of a 21st century Africa which is culturally vulnerable, yet more assertive than the world might yet realise”.

This track is the result of a vision this vision, breaking down borders and curating new collaborations.

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