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Georgia Rose writes about her obsession with a forbidden love in her latest single “Breathe You In”

SA’s singing sensation, Georgia Rose (24), who has established herself as a triple-threat, and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, has just released her second single, which is a declaration of love for someone she really shouldn’t be involve with – something everyone can likely relate to at some stage in their lives.

She states that ‘Breathe You In’, once again penned by herself, is an eerie depiction of a crush turned obsession due to the forbidden nature of her affection, and is slightly darker than her debut single Scared released earlier this year.

She states that Scared in comparison was about an innocent budding romance and it’s uncertainty, whereas Breathe You In focuses on her confidence in their undeniable chemistry and will to prove it.

Georgia Rose finally in the spotlight and here to stay

Upon getting to know her, it becomes apparent that Georgia Rose has all the ingredients ready to make her a global star, with looks that beg to grace the covers of magazines, the talent for writing songs impossible to forget, as well as a voice that is compared to some of the most iconic singers of all time.

It is, therefore, no wonder that the renowned and industry-respected music publisher, John Fishlock (publisher behind artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Wet, Wet, Wet), signed with Georgia almost instantly upon meeting her.

This South African mega-talent, hailing originally from George, brings a sexy swing to pop music and has a unique blend of genre and era, thanks to growing up on rock ’n roll, jazz and 90’s pop. Georgia says that the best description of her music she has heard thus far has been “emotionally badass”, a unique phrase that likely explains her having gotten such media attention since releasing her debut single.

So is Georgia Rose enjoying the spotlight since finally being recognised for her talent, with her world now consisting of media interviews and significant radio play? She replies: “There’s a lot of me joking around in my interviews, but in all honesty, I sincerely can’t believe the love I’ve been shown for my music so far. Getting this much positive feedback has me so excited that I just want to keep the momentum going and continue to release something fresh on a regular basis.”

In addition, the talent says that is has been an incredible experience for her interacting with other people making strides in the entertainment industry, as being around ‘such creative energy’ ignites her passion even more.

A look into Georgia’s soul to discover who she really is

Georgia describes herself as someone with a dry sense of humour, but also deep, adding that her life mottos range from, “Not my circus, not my monkeys” to “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. “

She further states that she is generally extroverted, but admits to it sometimes being a defence mechanism for not wanting people to see how sensitive she really is. She shares that she has been through a lot in life, but that the biggest obstacle she had to overcome was just to believe that she was indeed “good enough”.

Georgia concludes: “I want to inspire people to be more real and more transparent about themselves, regardless of the risk of being judged or rejected. I feel like society encourages us to do the opposite. You’ll never find other people like yourself otherwise and that’s a big reason why people feel isolated or alone. If it won’t hurt anyone else, you should be true to yourself and your wants. Your happiness is crucial, it should just never be at the expense of others.”

Where to find Georgia Rose and interact with her

Georgia Rose’s music, including Breathe You In, is now available on most popular digital platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube amongst others.

To learn more about Georgia, any upcoming performances and to join the discussion with her, follow her on social media – Instagram and Facebook

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