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Grassy Spark unveil the live music video for latest single “Sedgefield”

Grassy Spark unveil the live music video for their latest single “Sedgefield”, out now across all digital platforms HERE

‘Sedgefield’ establishes the perfect blend between what the band were and who they are now, by referencing their previous sound and their new sound, telling a story of how internal tensions become resolved through the creative catharsis.

The idea of the song naturally promoted the concept of a live video that features Grassy Spark’s fans who have stuck with them through thick and thin; who have supported who they are as people without sticking to the lens with which they view the world.

“Much like the song, the live video is honest and communicates our new sound in its rawest form. In the context of experiencing birth, death and all of the changes that have happened in the last year, we have chosen to focus solely on the art for the sake of the process and not the outcome – this is what makes ‘Sedgefield’ so special!” and Riley is extremely proud of the video. “The video perfectly captures the essence of what ‘Sedgefield’ is to so many people – a place to disconnect with the ‘too much’, so you can connect with what’s most important: friends and family.”

See the video for ‘Sedgefield’ below

The live video starts off with frontman Yanick Bathfield in a doorway, an unintentional metaphor for stepping into a new place without knowing what’s going to happen. This speaks volumes about the door that was opened the night the original idea was tracked. It also references how Grassy Spark have come to transform as friends that quite simply, just want to play music together regardless of what kind of music it is. This is driven by the pure joy that comes with taking that step together despite the main hurdle faced by all creatives, i.e. to be validated. Yanick then enters a room to find his friends, his family, his biggest fans.

The idea of what’s on the other side of the unknown then materialises.  No matter who you are, or what you choose to be, your family will still be here, we will always be here. This idea is then taken further by featuring ex-trumpeter Chad Hendricks in the video; who wrote the original line that night 2 years ago. The concept of ‘us always being here’ is thus maintained throughout. It made sense to extend this collectivism to their fans, new and old. The people who have been here despite the band’s creative shifts, including those who have been honest about not liking it, but chose to stay.

This video is one for the fans. “Sedgefield is an ode to the many who choose not to view Grassy Spark based on what they project onto us, but instead, choose to support the intention behind our new ideas. This is what defines family and true friendship – putting personal preference aside.  All the audio in the video was recorded live, and mixed by our very own Vincente Espi; one of the members behind Electronic Alt-Pop outfit ANIMA!

The video was filmed in one shot and graded by Thomas Willows. A creative mind who always manages to bring the Grassy Spark vision to life by seasoning it with his signature spice. Our very own Lawrence Jaeger A.K.A @_k1ff_, made sure that our fans, friends and family were a picture-perfect to bring the live session to close. Now our friends and family hang forever in our hearts, on a digital wall.”

“Grassy Spark – Sedgefield” is out now across all digital platforms HERE 

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