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Introducing The Steezies


The Steezies are a product of South Africa’s multicultural musical paradigm. Their songs have been forged in the melting pot of a country that does not have a single consolidated culture, but rather exists as a chimera of various histories, traditions, and practices. This is why a Steezies show will boast isiZulu hip hop; South African style guitar alongside funk melodies; and European trumpet lines within Afro song structures. In the same way that it is difficult to define South Africa as a single country with certainty, it is difficult to pigeonhole The Steezies music into a single genre.

The result is a full force energy train of music. Rather than defining their music according to a category, it is perhaps easier to understand it as an attitude. There is a phrase born from Zululand that is important in this regard:  Khululeka, which means ‘Be Free’. Khululeka equates to not be tied down, having the courage to be yourself, and to not compromising your individuality. The term is often used as an answer to suffering or hardship, and in a like manner, The Steezies’ music pays homage to the playful reply to difficult circumstances.

Lyrically it deals with all manner of societal problems, but sonically it provides an outlet that is free, playful, and agile. It is the spirit of Khululeka that The Steezies embody through their flashy shows, their multilingual flows, and their unapologetic flamboyance.

Snorting Lines of Turmeric Press Release

Snorting Lines of Turmeric is the result of a collision course between raw untrained musical enthusiasm, and the wisdom and know-how of an experienced producer with a deft understanding of multiple musical genres. When The Steezies arrived with a collection of songs crossing multiple languages, references, sonic landscapes, and attention spans, producer Raiven Hunter harnessed each of these into a seamless artifice.

Through this marriage of passion and knowledge the listener is taken through Funk Odysseys, Dub One Drops, Punk Explosions, and Mbaqanga Dance Routines. Snorting Lines of Turmeric is a piece of work that captures The Steezies ethos and channels it into the sound waves of 5 distinct songs. Each of these are eccentric snow flakes… or finger prints… or zebra stripes: they resemble their neighbour, but they are individuals in their own, unique right.


The first single off of Snorting Lines of Turmeric is called Mina. Mina is a song about unbridled individuality, and this is expressed not only in its lyrical content, but also in its musical form and its emotional environment. The song is at once a fierce isiZulu rap and an emotive choral explosion that condemns societal homogeneity, whilst also being a beautiful affirmation of the space that individuals can still carve for themselves within tranquil horn solos and subterranean percussion sections. The song was written by singer and founding member of the band George Kirkinis, who was inspired by the thought of a scalene triangle. He wanted to channel the energy of a geometric shape where no two sides were the same. This manifested itself in left-of-field guitar riffs, which trumpeter Jono Prest harnessed into powerful hornlines. All that was left was vocalist Katie Beard’s injection of female soul, and voila: Mina was born.


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