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Introducing Ginger Rock & The Team

Ginger Rock have been making waves with a number of events, collaborations and bands falling under the G.R flagship. In Partnership with Barry Mare (Gauteng based radio personality and Publicist) and Boom Stomp (responsible for the creative side and all health and safety protocols) hosting and coordinating Ginger Rock events comes naturally to the trio.


The Team will host Jack Parow (19 Oct ’18) in one of KZN’s most popular North Coast venues.  Ginger Rock is proud to be associated with amazing sponsors like Rock-a-Betty, Let’s Go, Shakers, Tipsy Captain and Rocomamas.  Shakers will be hosting the after party as well as providing for the Ginger Rock team in order to make this an amazing event. Watch out for the Rocomamas VIP section with delicious food and drinks available.  Rock-a-Betty and Let’s Go have both partnered with Ginger Rock and brought their own twist to the table in order to boost the quality of our events and make them all the more possible

The Lost production will hit the planks no later than May 2019. The dark theme production promise to not disappoint and will showcase the power of rock music in a storytelling format while revealing the twisted truths society chooses to ignore.

Ginger Rock will be commencing an overseas tour with dates to be confirmed. With countries like Switzerland, Netherland, New-Zealand, Australia and parts of Europe. Watch our space for more info.

Jack Stone

Bands like The Barcode Bandits (young alternative rock band from Pretoria), Bob Ffole (lead singer of the former band Trippple Bypass) and Chaos Controlled with amazing talent and song-writing skills joined the flagship. Ginger Rock is proud to announce the newest addition to the flagship – singer, songwriter and producer Jack Stone. A seasoned musician who has toured countrywide with amazing acts and talent with plenty more to offer.

Higgo (a young South African artist based in Stellenbosch Cape Town) and Black Bone Nation Classic Hard Rock from Pretoria released new albums in 2018 – Available on all media platforms. Black Bone Nation will be introducing his brand new custom made explorer guitar called “Harmony” that’s designed with a few “tricks up the sleeve”.

Jason Oosthuizen, known for being one of South Africa’s top drummers will be taking on the role as frontman from “Oooth” launching his Album 26 Nov 2018 at Rivonia Barnyard Johannesburg. His first single “Hands Under The Table “dropped on all major music platforms.

Download Hands under the table here

Jason Oosthuizen – “Oooth”

From Limited Edition Bob Ffole Sneakers to “BBN” Craft Beer the talented boys from the G.R flagship will surprise and delight with innovative and creative new merchandise coming your way.

Watch this space for regular updates!




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