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Introducing local talent, Georgia Rose & her first single!


Fans still mourning the loss of iconic music personalities that were taken from this earth way too soon, such as Amy Winehouse, will no doubt continue to believe that artists such as these are irreplaceable as one of a kind talents. And that remains absolutely true.

However, chances are good that if you enjoyed unique artists such as Amy and are currently still adding the latest releases of original artists such as Duffy and/or Siya to your favourite playlist, you are very likely to fall head over heals in love with the music of Georgia Rose (24), who just released her first official debut single, Scared. Georgia Rose is proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, on par with many artists recognised for their individual style and sound, and who established artist categories of their own.

 This triple threat (composer of note, vocals unlike any other and looks begging to grace the cover of magazines) known as Georgia Rose, will most certainly make anyone sit up and take notice of her upon first hearing her vocal pipes and sound, which in fairness to her, can and should not be compared to any artist(s) either – whether present or long gone. However, you do not have to take anyone words for it, including the world-renowned music publisher John Fishlock (publisher behind artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Wet, Wet, Wet), who signed Georgia almost instantly to his label, Active Music Publishing, after his first introduction to her…simply take a listen to Scared, now available on all digital platforms, and decide for yourself.

This South African mega-talent, hailing originally from George, brings a sexy swing to pop music and has a unique blend of genre and era, thanks to growing up on rock ’n roll, jazz and 90’s pop. Georgia further incorporates inspiration from greats such as The Rolling Stone and Ella Fitzgerald to create her vivacious sound – establishing her as the genuine deal with a s strong sound and soft heart.

Apart from these artists, Georgia adds that some other musical idols and influences also include Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and not surprisingly, Amy Winehouse.

Georgia was really “scared” when it came to falling in love

Her single, Scared, is “100% my baby,” the singing sensation reveals, having written all the lyrics and music herself. A song about the duality of excitement and fear that comes with falling for someone hard and fast, which is exactly what happened to her, Georgia further adds: “I needed to know if this person felt as deeply as I did. I’m single currently, so it’s not difficult to imagine how that turned out. But hey, at least I got a great song out of it.”

She continues: “The song is just about being willing to wear your heart on your sleeve, and wanting to take something casual to the next level.”

Listen to SCARED below!

Scared was produced by none other than Sasha Righini (drummer of the band, Plastics), who worked on at least six of Georgia’s songs that she is planning on releasing in the future. “Sasha is such an innovative producer as well as an outstanding drummer. We’ve been holding onto a couple of future singles for a while now, so I’m eager to get them out,” she says.

Georgia, who now lives in Woodstock in Cape Town, says that the best description of her music she has heard so far is that it is “emotionally badass”.

A look into Georgia’s soul to discover who she really is

Georgia describes herself as someone with a dry sense of humour, but surprisingly deep, adding that her two philosophies in life are, “Not my circus, not my monkeys” and that “You can’t regret being true to yourself”.

She further states that she is generally extroverted, but that it can sometimes just be a defence mechanism for not wanting people to see how sensitive she really is. She shares that she has been through a lot in life, but that the biggest obstacle she had to overcome was to believe that she was indeed “good enough”.

In her free time Georgia enjoys making music, socialising, reading non-fiction, snorkelling and filling up her passport as much as she possibly can.

Georgia concludes: “I want to inspire people to be more real and more transparent about themselves, regardless of the risk of being judged or rejected. I feel like society encourages us to do the opposite. You’ll never find other people like yourself otherwise and that’s a big reason why people feel isolated or alone. If it won’t hurt anyone else, you should be true to yourself and your wants. Your happiness is crucial, but it should never be at the expense of others.”

Q&A with artist Georgia Rose:

1) When did you discover that you could sing and how did that come about?

I’ve enjoyed singing from my early days, but I was a mediocre talent throughout my schooling career. I did get relative support from friends and family regarding my songwriting though. People’s general attitude has always been, “Yes, this is a great hobby, but when are you going to pursue a real career?” (I know many creatives will be able to relate).

2) When did you decide that you wanted to be a singer?

I’ve been dreaming of this since the first time I ever played Singstar.

3) Do you have any formal training?

I used to be a member of the choir in primary school, otherwise I’ve just trained myself using vocal exercises I ripped from YouTube.

4) Do you play any instruments and if so, which?

I was always too stubborn to learn to read music so I’ve taught myself to play rhythm guitar by ear, and I can play some honestly only primitive piano (just enough for producing demos). My shaker/tambourine skills are coming along though, so I’m still hopeful.

5) Do people compare you to any other artists out there – and if they do – who are they?

I get Norah Jones a lot, Lilly Allen, Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish…though my social life often gets compared to that of the Rolling Stones. 

6) What is your big dream?

To be a self-made and respected household name.

7) Is this your debut single or have you released music in the past (professionally – to radio or digitally)? If so, please tell more about this?

I’ve had a few features (mostly house) on the radio thus far. I’ve collaborated with locally-renowned producers Cosher (Cosher Studios), Ameen Harron (Arkham Studios), 2wiceshye (Universal Music SA) and Independent Producer, Tristan Carmichael.

Christian Wright (Abbey Roads) and Angus Powell (Acclaimed Indie-Folk singer); “Ghost” done with DJ Needle got a distribution deal with Mo Black Records (Italy) in Europe. I did a feature called ‘White Roses’ with DSB that was released digitally. I’ve done some songwriting for the likes of Oshri and some others in some songwriting camps I was part of thanks to my music publisher, John Fishlock.

8) Who do you think will enjoy your music and who would you say is your main target audience?

I have no idea. I’ve never shared music that was 100% my own style and creation with the world before. I’d like to think the pop aspects will hook people in school and young adults, but also that the old-school rock sound would attract adults as well.

9) Are you signed to a label or an independent artist? Would you like to keep it that way?

I’d like to maintain as much control of my music and brand as possible, but I’m very aware that I need someone to help elevate my game if I’m going to take a real shot at the rockstar thing. So we’ll see…

10) Why did you go to the UK and how on earth did you end up working with Christian Wright and Angus Powell?

I’d been working abroad in France and seeing as I was already in the neighbourhood, John Fishlock arranged some meetings for me with other publishers and songwriters in London. I’d met Christian in Cape Town before, and I bought him some shots on his birthday, which I think stood me in good stead to work with me on that side of the world. As for Angus, John put us in touch and I met him for the first time the day we wrote the first single for our duo project that I hope we will be able to share soon.

11) Please tell more about “Ghost” and your journey with it – how did it come about and what success did you enjoy and what was your involvement etc?

JCue, a great local producer and I met when we performed at the same “Hunters Start Something” event in Cape Town. He showed me the track and got me in studio to do my vocals. Needle (the producer of the track) hit me up some time later and told me it landed a distribution deal with Mo Black records and the rest is history. 

12) Are you planning to stay in SA until you made it here (and internationally) OR any plans to move abroad?

I’d like to build a following and connection here (provided the lovely people of South Africa actually enjoy my music haha) before moving abroad. I’ve got some pending exposure in the U.S, which I’m hoping will result in some excuses to do some work there. I’m still based in Cape Town for the foreseeable future but I kind of always keep one bag packed, so that when the next opportunity presents itself, there’s nothing holding me back. 

13) What did you do after your matriculated up to now?

I deserted two scholarships to spend a year teaching English in Thailand, I came back to SA after leaving a job curating TESL curriculum for a pre-school in Bangkok. I bartended for a bit until I decided I couldn’t stand to get a real job like everyone had instructed, so I moved to Cape Town to pursue my music career only to have had someone rob me of most of my savings because I have terrible business instincts. That resulted in me starting from scratch and working at night for a few years, and when that wasn’t allowing me to give my music career the attention and money it required, I left to work on super yachts overseas. That afforded me the opportunity to go to London, record an EP and create my own home studio. After having just completed another project that incorporated my previous work experience and apparently eccentric personality, I’m freshly back in SA and ready to start sharing my music with the world as it is NOW LONG OVERDUE.

14) Are you a full time artist or do you have another day job as well?

Aside from my dalliance with the yachting industry, I do a few part-time jobs when I’m back in the city such as bartending, hostessing, working as a stewardess and some extra/feature work in the film/advertising industry, which keeps my schedule as flexible as needed.

15) Are you married / single / involved? Any children?

Been single virtually my entire life. I’d probably have become a cat lady by now if it weren’t for my apparent commitment issues.

16) What other future plans do you have?

Music is all I’m about right now.

17) Is Georgia Rose your birth name? If not what was it and why did you choose this as your professional name?

My full name is Georgia Rose Grobler, but given that I’m actually incredibly English, and the amount of phlegm required to correctly pronounce my surname – eliminating all chances of sounding attractive, I’ve decided to holster it until I can marry into another one. I’m also terrible at names (I named my mom’s cat, Fish), so I’d rather just use my own. 

18) Name five fun facts about yourself:

I’m South African with a British accent;

I can’t whistle so I have to do a birdcall instead;

I virtually only wear heels;

My Les Paul guitar has a built-in bottle opener;

I go nowhere without my flask.

19) What would surprise people / fans about you?

How bad my Afrikaans accent is.

Where to find Georgia Rose and interact with her

Georgia Rose’s music, including her single Scared, is available on most digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud, amongst others.

To learn more about Georgia, any upcoming performances and to join the discussion with her, follow her on social media – Instagram and Facebook 

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