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James Deacon releases “Son Of Apollo” single that focuses his history with substance abuse

James Deacon shines a spotlight on his past misdemeanors while reflecting on how far he’s journeyed in his new single.

Following on from the success of his first two singles, Johannesburg-based singer-songwriter James Deacon has just released the lyrically expressive, pop-rooted “Son Of Apollo”.

In Greek mythology Hepius is the son of Apollo, and is widely regarded as the god of medicine. When attributed to Deacon’s latest single though, Hepius becomes a direct reference to the singer’s history with substance abuse. Co-written with Paul Gala (Bad Future Records) in only a few hours, the back-and-forth groove of the track easily lends itself to Deacon’s high-energy vocal delivery.

Listen to “Son Of Apollo” below

Single available now across all digital platforms

“This track means a lot to me lyrically because I struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse for a long time and managed to get sober. Writing this song allowed me to go back to that dark part of my history and appreciate how far I’ve come since then. The imagery I tried to create with the lyrics is one of a drug-induced party filled with fake friends and peer pressure and most importantly drugs,” Deacon explains about the song’s meaning.

This is a song that’s lyrically wise beyond his years. It showcases a man who has confronted his demons and used them to fuel his introspective ability as a songwriter.

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