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Lily Hollows releases inspirational video for latest single ‘Rebuild’ focusing on issues of gender-based violence

In August this year, Lily Hollows teamed up with Non-Profit Organisation RADA. Her track Rebuild was chosen as part of the RADA Unearthed Vol. 2 compilation. Penned by Lily herself, the song was produced by Howie Combrink from The Hit Lab and is an authentic ballad focusing on issues of gender-based violence.

Lily says, “I’m grateful to be able to team up with RADA. RADA is a dynamic organisation built on the principles of empowerment. Seeing the positive difference they’re making in our country is so sobering. As South Africans, we need to be part of the active pursuit of social change.

The music video is a stunning accompaniment to the track. The video was shot at St.Laurence’s Children’s Haven, which is a RADA adopted home.

The haven is a place of safety for children who have been abused, neglected and abandoned.  Providing them with a secure, warm and happy space in which to grow and thrive, while taking care of their basic needs.

‘Rebuild’ is a call to action. It is a song that speaks of pain, suffering and brokenness.  It also speaks of change, upliftment and healing.”

Watch ‘Rebuild’ below

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About RADA:

RADA is your place of renewal (an acronym for rape, alcohol, drug and abuse). The registered non-profit organization was launched in 2014 by founding member J-P Nobrega and strives to empower people to live their best life by giving them the tools necessary to make responsible and wise decisions.

RADA is committed to the eradication of society’s gravest and most pressing social ills. The team adopts a holistic approach to healing, with a pro-active side through their training development centre on the one hand and a reactive side through highly effective healing methods on the other.

How can you help?

  • Become a RADA angel
  • Sponsor a project
  • Donations – monetary and/or food and resources

For more information, visit www.rada.co.za


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