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Me-Ko releases the music video for his debut single ‘Forever’ featuring local singer, Law

Me-Ko releases the music video for his debut single ‘Forever’ featuring local singer, Law

Since 2013, Me-Ko has been crafting his career as a singer, songwriter and producer, and his piano playing and production work is present in many other artists’ music across the genre pools of the SA music industry. He has now finally released the music video for his debut single ‘Forever’, which is a pop/R&B track infusing soulful melodies with modern pop production

The music video was filmed by top director Kyle White and is a visual masterpiece.Working with Kyle White was an amazing experience. He really is a world class film maker. The video concept was really simple and Kyle shot it in a spectacular way. The song is about missing and wanting the one you love, but from two different perspectives – Mine and Law’s. We chose Cape Town as a location because we wanted that summer feel. Waves crashing. The sea breeze. It was a really fun 3 days,” comments Me-Ko.

Me-Ko initially wrote the track on piano. He loved the chorus and started experimenting with beats, eventually coming up with the instrumental hooks and creating the track. Getting Law onboard for the single happened by chance. Law’s manager at the time (Kris J Pro – also a producer and writer on various projects, most notably Donald) was working at The Hit Lab studio, where Me-Ko is based, and heard the track in passing. He loved it and brought Law in and the collaboration was born. Kris and Law wrote the second verse and contributed to the overall feel of the song.

Law loved the time in studio, saying “I enjoyed working on the track with Me-Ko. It was quite an organic process in the end. We didn’t know each other that well at the time but we both felt the track and managed to come up with something special. I hope people also feel what we felt while making it.”

Me-Ko produced the single and did the final mix of the track. He says “It was an amazing journey to see where it began and where it is now. The song is essentially about being on the road (on tour) and missing the person you love the most. It’s also about wanting to escape to somewhere remote and just be with that person.”

With both the music video and the single released to the world to discover, Me-Ko leaves a final word, saying “This release is the beginning of the next chapter in my music career and a new platform for me to express my ideas and feelings, and I look forward to sharing my music with the world. I hope people enjoy it and can relate.”

Me-Ko’s debut single ‘Forever (feat. Law)’ is available across all digital platforms – http://smarturl.it/MeKoForever

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