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A novel brought to life by song ~ “Tyd om eerlik te wees”



Theme song of  “Die tragiese saak van Pamina Vermaak “ (The Tragic Case of Pamina Vermaak)

 Written and performed by Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties), Fred den Hartog (Die Heuwels Fantasties) and Laudo Liebenberg (AKING)

It’s not often that a fictional character gets brought to life via music. It’s equally rare for a novel to have its very own theme song but this is exactly what Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties), Frederick den Hartog (Die Heuwels Fantasties) and Laudo Liebenberg (AKING), achieved with the recording of “Tyd om eerlik te wees” (Time to be Honest) in the name of the fictional character Wolf de Jager.


Wolf de Jager is the brain child of author Annie Klopper. Her Afrikaans novel Die tragiese saak van Pamina Vermaak (Kwela Boeke) hit book shelves this week. In this romantic comedy, Wolf is the leading male character. After humiliating paparazzi photos of his fiancé cheating on him with a Hollywood-actor causes a social media frenzy, Wolf retreats from society and finds himself in a small coastal village. There, whilst licking his wounds and struggling to write new material, he crosses paths with Pamina Vermaak, a unique soul who dances to her own tune.


Klopper is known for her work as a music journalist and is the author of Fokofpolisiekar’s authorised biography, Biografie van ’n Bende: Die storie van Fokofpolisiekar (2011). By joining forces with her friends from the music industry in this cross-platform project, boundaries between fact and fiction could be broken:


“I wanted to give readers the opportunity to experience the characters outside of the limits of only words on paper. You can listen to the song as you read the book, which adds a new dimension to the story.” – Annie Klopper


A mere two days after “Tyd om eerlik te wees” was released on all digital music platforms, Apple Music listed it on their coveted “Best of the Week” playlist alongside names like Ariana Grande and The Kooks.

The song was written in collaboration with the author and recorded by Kennedy, Den Hartog and Liebenberg at The Nothing Club, Cape Town. Aside from being a singer Liebenberg is also a skilled actor who could give Wolf a voice:


“It was fun to work per a brief – to translate the feeling of the story to a song. I always enjoy working with Fred and Hunter as we understand each other very well. We had the freedom to play around with the production of the song and could take it through many phases before creating the final product.” – Laudo Liebenberg


Of Liebenberg’s “role” as Wolf, Kennedy had the following to say:

“It sounds as though Laudo is already portraying the lead role [in a film].” – Hunter Kennedy


















Stream or get “Tyd om eerlik te wees” here.


Lyrics – “Tyd om eerlik te wees”

tyd om eerlik te wees

altyd ’n lafaard gewees

nog altyd als wat ek gekry het gebreek

langs die pad vergeet

jy was die ink in my lyf

uitgekrap en toe verdwyn

jou weer gevind in die refrein

dis iets soos:

bye-bye, baby, bye-bye, baby bye-bye


tyd om eerlik te wees

glas half leeg, half gebreek

wou net in die skadu’s bly

blind in die sonskyn

tussen fokol en niks

uitgekrap en toe verdwyn

jou weer gevind in die refrein


as ek sê:

bye-bye, baby, bye


ek het nog altyd geweet

ek het nog altyd geweet

nog altyd gesoek

was net bang ek kry seer

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