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OOOTH Releases New Acoustic Single & Music Video ‘Grateful’

OOOTH has released the first official single and music video for the band’s acoustic album, titled ‘Who Cares What YouThink – Acoustic. ‘Grateful’ comes from their debut album, ‘Who Cares What You Think’ released in November 2018.

‘Grateful’ was written in Los Angeles while Jason Oosthuizen was living there a few years back and was inspired by the state of South Africa so many years ago already and how his perception of SA has changed while living in a better-run 1st world country.

South Africa will always be my home, but for many years now the state in which we find this country is concerning moving forward”- Jason

Watch the video for GRATEFUL below

Who Cares what you think – Acoustic Album is set to release later in 2020.

While writing new music for Oooth, I also took some time playing around with the current songs on the acoustic guitar and it started sounding so great, so I thought why not bring out an acoustic version of the first album” – Jason

The video for GRATEFUL – ACOUSTIC was shot by PJ VAN ZIJL PHOTOGRAPHY. The video showcases Jason on acoustic at his home as well as shots from the band performing on stage.

Buy / Stream Grateful – Acoustic HERE:

Buy /Stream Who Cares What you Think Debut album HERE

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