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Pretoria Get Ready for Bob Ffole and Friends Live at Sowaar Bar this Saturday!

Can you hear the Roar Pretoria, can you hear the Thunder? Bob Ffole and friends will be smashing the stage with one big Rock-a-Roll BANG and you’re ALL invited!

The Ginger Rock team are feverishly excited to announce that Miss Ginger Rock and Bob Ffole will be making waves again!! The Team will host a spot-on Rock and Roll party (23 Oct 2021) at one of Pretoria’s up-to-date and in-demand venues – SOWAAR BAR. The trendy new spot unrolled with amazing specials, friendly staff, and one legit playground for South African Muso’s. The show will kick off at about 19h00 with the multi-talented Tian Nienaber, followed by full gear Punk Rock of The Barcode Bandits, waxing off the night in true Rock-a-Rolla style with the main man himself – Bob Ffole.

Bob Ffole was the lead singer of the former Trippple Bypass band (2000 – 2010) His new solo act/career started in 2019 under the Ginger Rock Flagship. Before joining the GR team, the virtuoso released an introductory Afrikaans album, toning his genre way down while sending a strong message that Afrikaans will never die.

Since then, Bob collaborated with some of South Africans finest musicians from Saarkie to the legendary Richard van der Westhuizen.

Bob Ffole will be rocking a TRIBUTE to old fashion rock, yes you heard it, some of the old classics we love so very much. The event will not only honor the music industry legends but focus on some schmoozing.  Since 2018 the promoting company has included the “VIP” approach, encouraging media and marketing trade to pivot around brand affiliations.

The G.R flagship have invited press and primetime guests to join the “lekker” event. Hosting VIP is most definitely Ginger’s forte as her adoration to involve Brand Masters, Fashion Icons, and performers such as Jack StoneFrancois Roux, and old-time friend and radio-head Barry Mare always take priority.

Stuntman and producer Eugene Koekemoer will MC the event adding freaky elements to one big splash of WOW.

Don’t miss out on this one peeps, and best of all – IT’S FREE! Support local and pop in at Sowaar Bar!

SoWaar Bar : Shop 1 Atterbury Boulevard, Atterbury Rd, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0043

See the Facebook Event page HERE

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