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Progressive influenced Metalcore heavyweights Riddlebreak release new single ‘Allegiant’

Progressive-influenced Metalcore heavyweights Riddlebreak releases new single Allegiant

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Jade Osner (Vocals) states that “the idea and lyrics for ‘Allegiant’ were heavily inspired by one of my favourite books of all time (The First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden). The concept is that we are this immense army, or legion if you prefer, that is capable of conquering whole planets and entire galaxies.

We may be driven by some dark otherworldly force, but it is our unity and belief in each other that gives us our power. We achieve our goals by ANY means necessary and we fear none who get in our way. As long as we have unity, we are strong. It’s a song for all those that feel out of place in this lonely world.”

Jade goes on to share that “through these words, I want our fans to know that no matter your situation, no matter how isolated you feel, no matter how different you are … we will always find others who feel the same way! No matter how insignificant, the smallest common goal can start the biggest chain reaction.”

Riddlebreak will be performing ‘Allegiant’ at the brand new Rumours Rock City Westgate on Friday Night at the Forsaking fate EP Launch Party.


Stand together
Blood for the Blood Gods

Skyfall begins
This planet starts shaking
Clouds break open
The end soon beginning
Our hunger for blood
Stronger than pride
Our hatred of mankind
The reason we Fight

We are sick, Tempered
Ripped From the void
Your gods
Ours will destroy
Unholy slaughter purely justified
This world the theatre of Genocide

We are legion
The mouths of the ones
Who’s names you don’t speak
We are the destroyer
Remember these words
Sanity is for the weak

The Power of the warp
A curse and a blessing
Blame your false idols
For the power you’re missing
Now fall
fall to the ground
Prey to your Emperor
Where is he now?


Riddlebreak calls the dark void somewhere between Pretoria and Johannesburg (South Africa) their home.  Since its original inception ten years ago, it has taken four member changes as well as two shifts in musical orbit to bring this current collective of weirdos together and they have  been inseparable since. Over the last 7 years they have snowballed to break minds, sub-genres and necks. It is difficult to put Riddlebreak in a box because the sound of an injured bear hurtling through space is not considered a genre in most circles.

Since its birth, the music has forged a trajectory within metal, remaining close to its progressive and metalcore neighbours. They draw inspiration from many curiosities, from hedgehogs to collapsing stars – always searching and exploring. Riddlebreak tests constructs, whether it be society, gender stereotypes, gravity or what constitutes the perfect potato salad. Their ever-contrasting ideas and sounds make Riddlebreak difficult to compartmentalise but impossible to ignore.

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Source: David Devo Oosthuizen // Devographic Music Media

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