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SA Born Breakout Australian artist Jarid Williams releases ‘Slow down On it’ with SA visit planned



Music sensation, JARID (31), who already enjoys breakout success in Australia (where he currently lives) and America, might not be a name too familiar with most South Africans, but get this – he is actually one of our own and returning to his Mzansi roots soon for a visit! And he is sharing his next single, Slow Down On It, exclusively with South Africans before releasing it globally.

On top of performing with the who’s who in the industry, JARID was also the winner of the World Championships of Performing Arts, he has been nominated for an Australian Music Award, starred in a hit TV show, is a sought-after model, radio and TV presenter, made his mark when participating in Idols Australia, was mentored by Babyface and much more.

Listen to ‘Slow down on it’ below

So why the visit to South Africa now? “Well, I’m South African firstly. So I wanted my home country to be a part of my journey towards my dream and get to hear what I have to offer. I’m looking forward to just embracing being back home and obviously catching up with everyone along the way.”

JARID, who co-wrote Slow Down On It with Phillipe-Marc Anquetil and Bernadette Marquez, says that he wanted a song to dance to and have a little fun with, as well as “giving an insight into experience I’ve had along the way”.

He adds: “The main message of the song is to have enough ‘swag’ to secure the ‘bag’ (a girl you might fancy). You might be out in a club where you see this really hot girl and you want to win her over – so with enough confidence and with the right amount of smooth, you might just succeed in this. It’s a tongue-in-cheek song about this experience.”

During his visit, JARID is looking forward to exploring Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and other parts of the country, introducing his single to as many people in the country as possible – which he also co-produced with his writing partner Phillipe-Marc Anquetil.

And on top of it all – JARID is also a model, actor, TV and radio presenter – and more good news on top is that – he is “single and ready to mingle”.

Although being multi-talented in a variety of fields, music is however definitely his main focus and dream, although he thoroughly enjoys acting and presenting as well.

Apart from appearing in commercials, he also acted in The Sleepover Club 2, which was a huge hit. Says JARID: “It ran for three seasons and I had a recurring role in the series. Loved the experience.”

JARID’s South African roots and history

JARID (Williams) was born on the 4th of May in Durban where he was raised until around age 10, which was when the family moved to Australia – including his mom (a teacher), dad (an engineer) and his sister.

“At the time it was for better opportunities and a better way of life, trying to avoid all the violence,” JARID explains. He adds: “As anyone can imagine, it was a culture shock at first, but we slowly adjusted and embraced the Aussie culture.”

As he was old enough at the time of the move, JARID recalls some fond memories of the days back in SA, as he reminisces: “My fondest memories are those with my family, especially Boxing Day when my cousins and I would go to Water Wonderland or when the family gathered at my grandparents house. Those times were always so much fun!”

He adds that most of his family still lives in South Africa between Durban and Johannesburg, so he is really looking forward to seeing them all during his upcoming trip.

Since JARID left school, he also completed a degree in Business Management and opened an online business while still pursuing his musical career and dream, as he says he “enjoys the entrepreneur spirit in me too”.

So where does he get his musical talents from? “My parents tell me I inherited the gift from my grandmother. It was actually my grandfather who discovered I could sing when he asked me to perform Happy Birthday to him when I was eight. It kind of progressed from there and I started to pursue my singing career,” he says.

Although now living in Perth after spending most of his years in Melbourne, JARID is planning on relocating to the USA in the near future after his South African visit.

So does JARID enjoy being recognised in public? “I do”, he says. “At times it’s definitely a buzz, especially as these people are my fans; the ones supporting my music.”

More about JARID and his music

Jarid says that he plays guitar, rather badly, but “just enough to write songs with”. He describes his style of music as the perfect mix between music from the 90’s and current contemporary chart toppers.

His musical influences include especially Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, as well as Usher, Stevie Wonder and Chris Brown, but adds: “I’m really digging Bruno Mars at the moment as he has a really great body of work.” Although uniquely JARID, he says that if people do compare him to other artists, he usually gets John Legend and a bit of Robin Thicke.

Over and above enjoying tremendous success with his breakout singles, Unfall In Love and Wanna Love You, with JARID currently known mostly in Australia and America, he has some incredible musical highlights to boast with, including being mentored by the one and only Babyface himself. “We were both in Jakarta for the Java Jazz Festival and our paths crossed. We started talking and he invited me to have a sit down with him where we spoke all things music and the industry. I gained so much knowledge from him and it was definitely an experience I’ll always cherish,” he states.

But that was only the icing on the cake, as JARID also opened for Brian McKnight, performed as part of the prestigious Men of RnB Tour (With Lloyd, J Holiday, the group NEXT and Eric Bellinger), enjoyed a development deal with Universal Music (although now being an independent artist by choice), winning the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2009 and on top of it all being nominated for an Australian Music Award. And it was all thanks to his first EP, Unfall In Love, during 2017, which was met with great success.

Prior to this, JARID even participated in Australian Idol, falling out just before the top 12 were announced. He comments: “I was still young and it was a learning experience for sure. Looking back I probably wouldn’t do it again as I feel it’s more of a TV show than a talent show. But no regrets.”

So what is his big dream? “I want to be a successful international artist selling out arenas all over the world and wouldn’t mind having a few Grammy Awards under my belt,” JARID reveals.

Getting to know the real JARID

JARID describes himself as passionate, a go-getter and a hard worker, with a philosophy in life “to be the reason someone smiles”. He explains: “I feel there’s a lot of hate going around in the world today, so showcasing a bit of love might brighten up someone else’s day.”

And the secret to his success? “You got to try and not fear failure. You never know unless you try and in most cases you can make a lot of dreams come true if you don’t live in fear,” he says.

He says that the biggest obstacle in life so far has been his mind and “trying to break through barriers and limiting beliefs that have held me back”. He adds that the greatest lesson life has taught him so far is to “never take things for granted, because there is no guarantee of a tomorrow”.

Some fun facts about JARID include:

  • He loves tennis and rugby
  • He is a prankster of note
  • He is a dare devil and thrill seeker.

To this he adds: “I love going on rollercoasters and enjoy some bungee jumping – a real adrenaline junkie.”

Slow Down On It, as well as all of JARID’s other releases, is available on all major digital platforms to enjoy.

For more of JARID, visit his official website at jaridworld.com, and join the conversation with him on social media – Instagram (@JaridOfficial) and Facebook (JaridOfficial). Also subscribe to his YouTube channel

JARID concludes: “I would love to leave an exceptional body of work behind one day when I’m no longer around, which will hopefully be respected through the ages and that I would be remembered as one of the best to ever do it. And also – let’s love one another and bring the world together again. It’s time…”

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