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SA’s very own Latin Pop Singer Miguel Pregueiro is back with his latest single,’O Meu Amor’!

Miguel Pregueiro is back! – You may remember him as the Wooden Mic Contender turned Latin-Pop Singer. Yes, you read that right. Once a contender for Wooden Mic back in 2013, Miguel had no idea what life had in store for him! He is now back with his first release for 2019 and it is very different from anything you’ve heard from him before. A Portuguese and English love song called “O Meu Amor” meaning “My Love”. O Meu Amor – His first love song “O Meu Amor” translated to “My Love” is a song about just that – your one and only love. Miguel opens himself up and shares his romantic side with the beautiful instrumentation of a Spanish guitar to guide the feeling he wants to share, even if you may not understand the lyrics. So why Portuguese this time round? “So I am Portuguese and even though I grew up in a household where we all spoke English, the Portuguese language as well as its rich culture, was still very much a part of my upbringing. I wanted to include this part of who I am in my music and challenge myself to embrace the Portuguese side of me with pride”

The song can loosely be translated to a song of appreciation for the one that you love and getting lost in moments with that special someone. “All that is important is having that person with you and the moments you share together,” he explains. This was a perfect opportunity for Miguel to share just that in his music video. Starring his actual girlfriend (sorry ladies!), the video perfectly embodies the love that exists between the two of them as they share memories and moments together.

Watch the music video here!

Unconventional start to music! If this is the first time you are hearing the name “Miguel Pregueiro” then you might be in for a bit of a shock if you google him and see that he was once a contender for the infamous “wooden mic” during the 2013 season of Idols SA. He explains: “I was always seen as the class clown, doing accents and impersonations. So in 2013, my friends dared me to audition for Idols singing like a chipmunk. Prior to this, my musical background was pretty much nonexistent not knowing much about my natural singing voice other than how I could manipulate it.” Becoming a viral sensation as a result, everyone wanted to know what Miguel’s natural singing voice actually sounded like. “That challenged me to sing with my natural voice – and low and behold – I could actually sing! So I don’t have any regrets about that Idols audition as I wouldn’t be in the music industry now if it wasn’t for what followed,”he states.

2019 – What can we expect?

Kicking off 2019 following the success of his debut single, “Vámonos” released last year June – Miguel is looking to expand and win the hearts of his audience by showing them a softer, more romantic side to who he is. Vámonos has had successful airplays here in SA but also in Canada, Spain and Venezuela to name a few! “I am just getting started – there is so much I still want to share with everyone and starting this year off with a song like “O Meu Amor” was a great way to do that and show my Portuguese roots while I’m at it” he states Miguel is focused on releasing as much music as possible this year as he explores his sound and hopes to collaborate with as many great artists as possible along the way!

For more information, visit www.miguelpregueiromusic.com





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