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Sexy R&B Pop release & video from local artist Miguel Pregueiro

The sexiest local song of the year has arrived, with an equally seductive video to complement, as SA’s very own pop sensation, Miguel Pregueiro – himself oozing non-stop sex appeal – releases his latest single unlike any of his previous upbeat, Latin sounding material, namely the ballad All Day.

And after a first listen, you might just do that and end up listening to the song around the clock, that is if you are not able to watch the video on repeat. Penned by Miguel himself, get ready to fall head over heels in love with this talented star when you hear how “All Day is basically about just wanting to spend all your time with that one person in your life,” as he reveals.

He adds: “The song has a very strong sensual element to it, which I wanted to express on a more intimate basis. The most crucial aspect I wanted to highlight with this song and essentially the music video, was the intimacy in a relationship and how amazing it can be when you’ve found that one special person you can share your mind, body and soul with.”

Naturally following a first listen or view, everyone immediately wants to be “that special one” in Miguel’s life, so the question poses itself – is he single? Miguel chuckles a response: “Does it really matter? Good music is supposed to speak to your heart and soul, and in this case, hopefully your fantasies as well. So no matter who you dream about when hearing this – just enjoy it! I’ll be extremely happy for everyone who already discovered such a soulmate, so if you did – I think you might just score some points if you make this ‘your’ special song.”

Whistling a new tune, because…?

So why the change in tune to what he has released so successfully in the past?

Miguel explains: “This song is indeed very different to anything I’ve previously released, but is very much a sound and style of music that I wanted to explore. I have a few songs that have this feel to it, so I decided that while I’m still in the beginning stages of my career, I should put something like All Day out to see how people respond to it. Taking risks with my music is important for me at this stage and I’m super excited to hear what people think!”

Somehow, it is very likely that Miguel has not that much to worry about when it comes to people’s response to All Day

Note: You’ll be forgiven for watching the music video “All Day”

Enthusing about the music video for All Day, Miguel says that Ashley Lobo CP was brought on board as Creative Director, stating: “Together we came up with the idea of showing moments within a relationship on a day to day basis and how no matter where you are, the love and passion for one another can just take over at any moment.

Our deliberate intention was to highlight a loving relationship and the intimacy that comes with it. The actress in the music video, Chanté van der Walt, was suggested to us when we were looking to cast someone for the role. She did an outstanding job and 100% understood the environment and what’s required in telling a story like this.”

Miguel concludes: “I’m hoping to appeal to a broader audience and show I’m diverse in my music and that you don’t have to limit yourself to one specific type of sound. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that people will enjoy seeing a new side to me.”

So be warned with a strong disclaimer…the artist himself can take no responsibility for any heart conditions after listening and viewing All Day at:

Watch ‘All Day’ below

Additional credits for All Day include:

Song producer – Francois Steyn of Polymode Records

Music Video Cinematographer and Editor – Alex Shapiro

BTS Photographer & Artwork Designer – Gabriel McCreadie

Location Manager – Leandro Coimbra

All Day, as well as all of Miguel’s previous releases, is available on all major digital platforms, YouTube and to purchase via iTunes and Google Play.

For more information, visit www.miguelpregueiromusic.com.

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