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Stuart Reece spreads the power of intention with his brand new single ‘Lie Baby Lie’

PE born and now Cape Town-based singer-songwriter Stuart Reece, releases his brand new single ‘Lie Baby Lie’ across all digital platforms today.

‘Lie Baby Lie’ is Reece’s first release in almost 2 years and fans were elated when he first announced the news of his single on social media. With a new single also comes a new EP, due for release in 2020 – his first collective release in almost 4 years.

Reece explains the wait saying, “I’d slowly been working on a bunch of new demos since the release of my ‘Broke Down Beat Down’ EP in 2016 but never really put a time limit on completing or releasing anything. That is until I moved to Cape Town in June last year. Somewhere along the line I decided that I’d like to finish up some of these ideas. Fast forward 6 months and I’m sharing the first song from a new 6 track EP.”

On ‘Lie Baby Lie’, Reece melts his hauntingly beautiful guitar riff in with his husky laidback vocas, giving life to a catchy pop/rock gem.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Lie Baby Lie’below

Ready to spread a positive message in 2020, the title ‘Lie Baby Lie’ has a twist to its meaning and Stuart reaches deep for this one, saying, “’Lie Baby Lie’ was the first song I chose from my demos to be re-recorded for the new EP, so it’s fitting that it is the first song to be released. The message is subtle but if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you’ll realise that the song is actually about the power of intention. I’m a big advocate for the law of attraction and I believe that what you apply your mind to creates your reality and shapes the world that you live in.”

Applying his mind and skills to creating new music, Reece was also very hands on with the recording process, tracking 90% of the music in his ‘very modest’ home studio. He brought in added help to record his vocals and add the finishing touches, explaining “I worked closely with an artist and producer named SEVVEN to track my vocals and polish up what I had started.

He is fantastic to work with and an incredible musician.” Reece continues, saying “Because I was working in my own studio, I could take my time and record slowly, without having to pay for any studio time. I experimented with different sounds and really focused on writing melodic guitar parts and lyrics that have some depth to them. The whole process has evolved naturally.

I hope that people will enjoy it but I have not put any expectations on the new material. I am proud of it musically and lyrically and I’m content in that.”

‘Stuart Reece – Lie Baby Lie’ is out now across all digital platforms HERE 

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