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The Drift unveil artwork for 3rd album SEER and share new track Day One

South African based sludge metal unit The Drift are releasing their 3rd album SEER, the last piece of the Deluge trilogy on the 22nd November. The band have unveiled the cover artwork for the album as well as releasing their new track Day One.

“As a band with a relatively broad palette of sounds, it’s always tricky picking ‘singles’. After a bit of an internal debate on what aspect of the ‘SEER’ album we’d like to showcase, we settled on ‘Day One’, the album’s central anchor and a track that touches on most of the sounds on offer. Day One was also the first track written for the ‘SEER’ album, so it serves as the root that rest of the album would eventually grow from.”  Explains vocalist Louis Du Pisani.

Cover artist Chris Valentine comments on the creation of the cover, “It’s always great working with The Drift and this cover was no exception. The classic 70s concept records have always been an inspiration to my art, most recently albums like ‘The Raven That Refused to Sing’ by Steven Wilson – so Louis’s concept starting with Dreams of Deluge was so inspiring to me and it’s been amazing having the opportunity to help bring these characters to life.

I’m predominantly a portrait artist/illustrator and Louis really wanted to capture emotion in the artwork for Seer. Portraits can speak a thousand words if they’re executed well, so I’m hoping we pulled it off with this one! If anyone’s interested in the process, I used my iPad and Apple Pencil with an app called ProCreate to paint this one!”

Listen to Day One

Day One is available on all digital platforms now including Spotify Deezer

Track Listing
A Coward’s Wager
Don’t Forget to Breathe
Funeral Man
Day One
Reclaim This World
A Passage on Time
I Dream of Deluge

Comprised of old hands from the South African rock and metal scene, the band’s debut performances were with Lamb of God during their South African tour in January 2014, the same year saw them playing with international bands Unearth, Protest the Hero, Wolfmother, Affiance and a national tour with Dreamshade. In 2015 they played Witchfest alongside Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Epica, Decapitated, Kataklysm, Belphegor and many more. The Drift was also chosen as the sole support act for the At the Gates event in Johannesburg.

Things got complicated after the release of the second album The Mountain Star in 2015, with work and family commitments the band had to become more fluid to survive. Guitarist Stefan Stabic had to leave; Alec Surridge stepped in. As a result, the band crafted their own corner in the Johannesburg music scene by opting for a more DIY approach.

“These guys are at the forefront of the growing South African heavy music scene and are poised to spread their groove laden metal throughout the World!” – Trevor Phipps (Unearth)





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