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The most unexpected collaboration ever – Elvis Blue and Snotkop?

South Africa’s very own bilingual musical genius and sweetheart – the SAMA award-winning Elvis Blue – has most certainly now set the wheels in motion for what promises to be a very exciting summer, thanks to his latest musical creation that is about to set new levels of exciting heights in preparation of everyone’s favourite holiday of the year.

And how did he succeed in doing just that? All thanks to the release of a fun, brand new single, collaborating with…you would never have guessed it, none other that the Afrikaans Pop, Rap and Dance sensation, Snotkop, himself. Indeed, the most unexpected surprise collaboration of the year.

Never one to allow others to describe him as predictable, nor branding him under a specific category or genre of music, Snotkop introduces us to the lighter side of the commonly seen, deep soul Elvis Blue that we have grown to know and love, with this gripping release, entitled Langpad Alleen Pad (Long Road Lonely Road when translated).

So prepare yourself for a tune that will be stuck in your head with exclusively positive vibes for days on end, also due to an enchanted sounding piano and soulful saxophone perfectly blending the two unique styles of the two SA artists together, with an end result that is one massive treat for us all.

On top of this, the music video of the single takes this already perfect recipe for the pinnacle of ultimate fun even a step further, so don’t be surprised if you may have to look twice just to double check whether your eyes might be deceiving you or not. Why?

The two singers star in the video dressed as completely new avatars. “Shooting the music video was super fun,” says Snotkop, “We dressed up as each other – in what we usually would look like – and it was non-stop laughter on set all day long.”

Check out the end result below

Elvis and Snotkop each have their own massive following but completely different fans, so the fusion of these vastly different genres was unthinkable until now. So exactly where and when did these two stars get together in such a sneaky way in order to discuss a conspiracy of this magnitude, resulting in a project we now all get to enjoy?

Elvis shares: “Snotkop and I have become good friends over the years due to us seeing each other at different concerts on a regular basis. Nobody ever thought we would end up working together because of our complete opposite styles – well, now we’ve proven them wrong, that’s for sure!”

Snotkop also admits that he always wanted to work with Elvis, and refers to him as a “modern day poet of his time”.

With this insane new collaboration that will be repeated over and over as we head towards the festive season, you certainly don’t want to miss seeing both Elvis Blue and Snotkop perform live at the Afrikaans Is Groot Summer Festival, taking place on 28 December, 2019 in Mossel Bay.

Langpad Alleen Pad is about as big a contrast as one can get in comparison to Elvis Blue’s previous single, Beloofde Land (Promised Land in English), which is a stirring, patriotic ballad in turn. Albums released by the multi-platinum seller and award-winning artist of several SAMAs, Ghoemas and Bokkie Awards include Jou Huis, Stories, Die Brug, Optics, Êrens in die Middel van Nêrens, Afrikaans and more. He is also the proud father of 2 daughters and lives between George and Johannesburg.

Langpad Alleen Pad is now available on all digital platforms

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