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Urban artist, Nadi, is “Reborn” into a new era with her first solo project

Nadia Sophia Badjeme, known by her stage name, “Nadi,” is a striking beauty with the talent to match. Her first solo endeavour in the music industry comes in the form of her latest EP titled, “REBORN” which came after a year-long break from the music industry. Following a string of previous projects in the music industry, Nadi is now determined to show the world who she is as a solo artist.


Originally from the DRC, Nadi moved to South Africa where she started her journey as a professional recording artist & performer. While her move was originally intended for alternative studying purposes, her passion for music and performance proved to be her true calling.

After working with various artists and producers, Nadi joined a band that was formed and managed by Ndaba Mandela in her early days as the lead singer. Later in her career as a professional singer she ended up partnering with Pan Africa Producer, David Hampton, where the duo released a string of successful projects as an R&B Afro duo called NADI & HAMPTON.


What word would be better suited to this new era in Nadi’s life than that of her EP titled, “REBORN”? “There is no better feeling than recovering from terrible experiences and feeling alive and new again after feeling dead for a very long time, and that’s what REBORN is really about,” says Nadi.

A year-long break from the music industry was a significant amount of time for Nadi to draw from the experiences that life gave to her. REBORN can be described as a project that allows a listener to experience different personal events that occurred in her life and takes you through a journey of feeling REBORN.

When asked about her choice to follow music, Nadi explained, “Singing has always been a big part of my life, not only because I love music but also because I have struggled for a long time to express my feelings and music has made it easier for me”.

Culturally, Nadi has been exposed to a wonderfully diverse background that includes Arabic, Congolese Rumba, Classical Belgie and Traditional African music which has a heavy influence on her music and sound. By combining her cultural influences and her love for Pop and R&B music, Nadi has created a sound that is uniquely described as a “Nadificent sound”.

When it comes down to the key focus on her songs, Nadi is determined to ensure that each track has an exquisite vocal performance, touching lyrics and a majestic musical arrangement. Her first single off the EP titled, “SAY”, is no exception to this well-thought-out formula. When asked about the inspiration behind “Say”, Nadi had this to say, “It’s hard to separate the song “Say” from the EP inspirationally speaking.

All the songs are linked to each other. There is pain, self-love, and self-awareness but also some tough times that myself and some people around me have gone through. But at the end of it, we learn to move on despite the pain,”. Writing all five songs on her EP alongside David Hampton, Nadi believes in the importance of drawing from her own life experiences. “Whatever I go through or experience, I am sure that others have too and sharing my experiences is how I want to unite and connect to the world through the music I make,”.


“REBORN” can be found on all major digital platforms, including Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify  and YouTube amongst others! Join the conversation on her social media platforms – Instagram & Twitter and Facebook

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