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Wandile Mbambeni Releases His Debut Album ‘Kwakumnandi’



















Gallo Record Company is excited to announce the release of Wandile Mbambeni’s debut album, ‘Kwakumnandi’. The album is out today on digital release from http://smarturl.it/WM_Kwakumnandi and available on CD from Monday, 2 July.


Get to know Wandile Mbambeni with this behind the scenes video for the ‘Kwakumnandi’ album:

Born and raised in the Eastern Cape, Wandile Mbambeni is one of SA’s top breakthrough artists and with 4 years’ worth of work already behind him, he is finally releasing his debut album ‘Kwakumnandi’.

The album was showcased to a select media group in Johannesburg on Thursday 21 June and was met with rave reviews from industry professionals.

Asking Wandile what the inspiration is behind the title ‘Kwakumnandi’, he explains, “I was sitting in my studio apartment and homesickness struck, I was missing being under one roof with the whole family. We went through a divorce and it was never the same, but instead of reflecting on the bad past, I chose to reflect on the times that was absolutely nice and lovely to me. ‘Kwakumnandi’ in isiXhosa is translated ‘it was nice/it was a lovely time’ used when referring to past happy times. I sing in the chorus ‘Kwakumnandi back then…’”

‘Kwakumnandi’ is an impressive debut album release from Wandile, and with so many tracks on it to be proud of, which is Wandile’s favourite song’? “My favourite songs in the album change every time, today it’s ‘Kwakumnandi’! In this album I got to work with people who are extremely talented, and the bonus is they believed in me. Congratulations to Shekhinah and Bongeziwe Mabandla for the SAMA Awards, they both contributed (collaborations) to my album and I’m ever so grateful. I also worked with LasNumber on a song we wrote in 2015, I’m so excited about this record.”

‘Kwakumnandi’ was recorded at Jazzworx studio, produced & engineered by Greg Nottingham, and had Robin Kohl add his world class touch to the mixing and mastering of the album.

As a final thought to let fans know why this record is so special, Wandile concludes “This album is about Nostalgia, reflecting on the good times. No matter what we can always say ‘Kwakumnandi’, everyone can say ‘Kwakumnandi’ and reflect :). We are not saying we do not love the present we are living in right now, we enjoy the present so we can reflect and say ‘Kwakumnandi’.”


‘Wandile Mbambeni – Kwakumnandi’ Tracklisting:

1 Anyway

2 Don’t Know

3 Feelings Alone

4 Kwakumnandi

5 Nanamhlanje (feat. LasNumber)

6 Sondela (Interlude)

7 Wanted and Loved (feat. Shekhinah)

8 Marabi

9 Our Lives Matter (feat. Bongeziwe Mabandla)

10 Lithemba

11 Tell Me

12 Feelings Alone (Acoustic)

13 Kwakumnandi (Acoustic)


Wandile Mbambeni’s debut album ‘Kwakumnandi’ is out now across all digital platforms – http://smarturl.it/WM_Kwakumnandi


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WM Sessions: https://youtu.be/kIrCI88sg34


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